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In the Season Three finale of The Fosters, a tragedy brings the family together. This heartbreaking loss leads to a moral quandary for Callie (Maia Mitchell) that has her questioning her loyalties.

Actress Keiko Elizabeth stepped into the drama as Reporter Carol Kim pressing Callie for answers.

I recently caught up with Keiko Elizabeth to find out more about working on the hit family show.

Q: Tell us about your appearance on the season finale of The Fosters?

KEIKO: I play reporter Carol Kim, an opportunistic reporter who's pushing Callie to say something sensational on camera. I pursue her at her school and challenge her with some really inflammatory accusations in the hopes that she'll take the bait. What happens is that Callie learns some disturbing information about Justina Marks, who she's been working closely with on the Fost and Found launch. When private information gets "leaked" to the press about Callie and Brandon, it's clear that Callie has underestimated Justina's political and media savvy. And of course my character is happy to get a juicy scoop!

Q: How was it working on such an acclaimed show?

KEIKO: You know, sometimes when you come in as guest cast, you just don't know how it's going to be. Everyone's been working together for months and sometimes years, and here you are, a stranger, practically. But everyone was so lovely and welcoming. It was the first time I had worked with a female director on television (which tells you something, doesn't it), and she was absolutely wonderful--savvy, creative, fun--a total rock star. I hope we get to work together again, I loved it.

Q: Anything surprise you about the show or your fellow cast mates?

KEIKO: I guess how grounded and professional the young actors on this show are. It shouldn't have surprised me, but I just remember being so lost and flighty and self-conscious at their age! Their poise, talent and open-heartedness was inspiring.

Q: Any chance your character might be back again?

KEIKO: Honestly, I doubt it. I was there to push Maia's character to a certain place, to reveal a secret that she's been keeping, and it's her job now to deal with the aftermath of the revelation, to grapple with telling the truth or maintaining the lie, and to overcome a betrayal by someone that she trusted.

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you took away from the opportunity?

KEIKO: I think that you never know how an experience or relationship will come back around. A couple of years ago I was in a mentoring program for women and Jules Kovisars, the UPM on The Fosters, was one of my mentors. We were meeting on the Warner Brothers lot one day and she gave me a tour of the set and introduced me to the cast and crew, and everyone was really friendly. It never occurred to me that I might work on the show one day! When I learned that I had booked the show, I reached out to Jules and we got to have a mini-reunion on set. It was great!

Q: What else is coming up for you in the near future?

KEIKO: Later this month I'm shooting a small supporting role in JK Simmons' upcoming film The Bachelors. It's an ensemble dramedy about a grieving widower and his son. It explores the nature of grief and the struggle to move on--and it’s funny! I've always admired JK's work, so I'm excited to be working with him.

Find out more about Keiko Elizabeth at:www.keikoelizabeth.com
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