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Pilot Discussion (May Contain Spoilers)

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    [1]Jun 4, 2013
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    Ok i will try my best not to be judgemental but I like the show, the first episode was good but glad Jude turned out be her brother not a bad guy which was a nice surprise. Wow talk about all the potential storyline they mentioned in first episode.

    I like Callie but i just felt the episode was way too rushed because ABC family has a habit throwing us into new series and we have figure out what's going on which is fine it just they need learn how introduction episode.

    What are your thoughts on the first episode Smile

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    [2]Jun 10, 2013
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    Definitely felt like it could have been a 2hr pilot. But even with the little we got about the characters, I am already invested. There is so much potential and I hope they show the darker side a bit. I'm always worried that shows on channels like ABC Family will be watered down for the masses instead of taking the material to a place where chances can be taken (and I am not talking HBO, Game of Thrones, chances...just better than network TV). I won't comment too much on the lesbian couple since it's american TV and they will probably be so boring they might as well be straight, but again, I hope that ABC Family isn't afraid to show them as a true blooded couple that not only shows love to the kids but to each other. So far two unromantic kisses and a back rub...wonder how they got those past the censors? Anyway, kudos to J.Lo's production company for showcasing a new kind of modern family on TV.

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    [3]Jun 18, 2013
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    the best show just wish to see it all

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    [4]Jul 30, 2013
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    A friend told me about this show, I had to watch it so I caught up ondemand and now I'm waiting to see it each Monday. One thing I noticed is that there's not very much Jude and he's adorable, also when he's not there no one mentions it. I hope they keep all the characters, I was nervous that last nights episode would kill one of the group. Even losing Mike would have been bad, I think he is in integral part of the cast. Anyway just wanted to say I'm loving it.

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