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Season 4 : Episode 5

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Episode Guide

  • Adoption Day
    Episode 21

    Everyone is faced with their own challenges as Callie reflects on her and Jude's upcoming adoption, Mariana tries to help a friend, and Jesus plans to manage his ADHD. Stef and Mike uncover a shocking revelation, and Brandon makes another poor decision. Meanwhile, Jude gets asked on a date.

  • Metropolis
    Episode 20

    Brandon's mistakes catch up to him when a classmate plots against him. The Winter Ball causes the twins to stress about dates. Someone visits to make amends with Callie. Ana returns with distressing news.

  • Don't Let Go
    Episode 19

    Callie worries about her future and Jude after she encounters her father. Jesus tries to stay focused without his ADHD medication, and Mariana gets an invitation from Zac's mother. Lena and Stef make a big decision.

  • 3/3/14

    Jesus becomes distracted over needing to make a tough choice, and his inattention affects his wrestling in an important match. Callie needs to choose between helping Brandon and protecting someone she cares about. She and Jude need to make a decision when a caveat stands between them and adoption. With the appearance of Zac's mother, Mariana gets a glimpse into his home life.

  • Kids in the Hall
    Episode 17

    Good intentions turn problematic for both Callie and Brandon; Callie gets into an awkward situation because of her photography, and Brandon befriends a troublesome classmate. Mariana faces the repercussions of her stunt to get Chase's attention, and the tension between Jesus and Emma comes to a high during a wrestling match.

  • 2/17/14

    Callie tries to earn the trust of her family and make way for a better future. Stef has to testify in Mike's case, but struggles knowing that revealing the truth would jeopardize her job. Mariana tries to garner Chase's attention through a bold decision.

  • Padre
    Episode 15

    Callie returns home, where she and Jude face painful memories. Mike is unnerved when the shooting investigation goes awry. Jesus' interest in a girl from the wrestling team complicates his relationship with Lexi.

  • Family Day
    Episode 14

    Brandon and Callie's relationship is challenged. Lena tries to convince Stef to make amends with Frank. Rita gives Stef and Lena some insight about Callie.

  • Things Unsaid
    Episode 13

    Stef and Lena try to deal with the Callie and Brandon situation, but they are determined to maintain their relationship. Stef returns to work; Lena becomes upset with an incident involving Jesus and the wrestling team. Kelsey's jealousy threatens Mariana's attraction to Chase.

  • House and Home
    Episode 12

    Callie adjusts to her life away from home and encounters Rita Hendricks, a tough but compassionate foster care worker. Meanwhile, Brandon is determined to find her after revealing the reason she left to Stef and Lena. Mariana joins the school play to get closer to Chase, a senior; and Jesus goes out for the wrestling team.

  • The Honeymoon
    Episode 11

    Stef and Lena search for Callie, who has run away. Brandon and Jude are left feeling guilty for causing her to leave. Lexi spends her last days before leaving for Honduras, while Mariana discovers the truth behind the trip.

  • I Do
    Episode 10

    The Fosters come together for a special celebration. Stef's and Lena's parents get involved with the wedding planning. Callie has to make a decision about taking justice against Liam. She and Jude receive hopeful news.

  • Vigil
    Episode 9

    The Ana situation comes to a boiling point when someone is rushed to the hospital. It hits the family hard, and they try to process Jesus' and Mariana's lies. Callie tries to help Brandon understand her perspective.

  • Clean
    Episode 8

    Mariana and Jesus go to see their biological mother Ana, and Jesus makes a decision that could affect the whole family. Lena's ex-girlfriend Gretchen visits, and Stef becomes concerned with Mike's drinking habits. Callie supports Talya when a video of her gets out and asks Brandon to do the same. Meanwhile, Brandon struggles with a new piano teacher.

  • The Fallout
    Episode 7

    Feelings of anger and betrayal boil over and Jesus and Mariana get into a fight. Lexi makes a drastic decision after her parents try to keep her from Jesus. Callie turns to Brandon for comfort in opening up about her past, and Jude tries to impress a friend.

  • Saturday
    Episode 6

    Lexi's religious parents are invited to dinner at the Fosters', but Stef and Lena worry that they will impose their views on Jesus. Stef's father also pays a visit and complicates the situation. Callie meets someone at a group therapy session, and she learns more about Wyatt.

  • The Morning After
    Episode 5

    Jesus and Lexi's relationship heats up and they must deal with the consequences. Brandon worries when Callie gets closer to Wyatt. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena reflect on their own relationship issues after hearing about their friends, Kelly and Jenna's problems. Mariana tries to fit in with a new crowd, and Jude struggles with bullies at school.

  • Quinceanera
    Episode 4

    Mariana plans her Quinceanera as her 15th birthday approaches. Tensions between Brandon and Talya rise when she questions his relationship with Callie. Lexi is tired of keeping her relationship with Jesus behind Mariana's back. Lena's mother visits for Mariana's party, complicating things for Lena.

  • Hostile Acts
    Episode 3

    Mike offers for Brandon to live with him, sparking Stef's anger. Jesus and Lexi's relationship heats up. Callie gets a writing assignment that makes her face secrets she's kept.

  • Consequently
    Episode 2

    Mike disagrees with Stef and Lena's decision about Brandon, causing tension between Lena and Mike. Jesus attempts to cover for Mariana, but his good intentions backfire. The Fosters try to help Callie and Jude settle in.

  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    Moms Lena Adams and Stef Foster take in Callie, a troubled teenager, which stirs up home life for them and their three kids. Meanwhile, Lena receives a new partner at work, Jesus questions Mariana's suspicious behavior, and Callie goes looking for Jude.

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