The Frank Sinatra Show

ABC (ended 1958)





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  • OMG how can no one write a review on the frank sinatra show?

    Oh my god if people actually knew who he was the would like him(well except for the kennedey thing)On his show he had a specail welcome home elvis thing and he was good friends with Marilyn Monroe. Frank Sinatra Made Vegas what it is he sang in the Copa room along with the rest of the Rat Pack Sammy Davis Jr. Who was the best out of the whole group, Dean Martin who really never drank even though every one thought he didand never cheated on his wife like people thought he did, Peter lawford who was really only there because Frank was friends with the kennedys, and Joey Bishop who was hillaious! Frank started singing in clubs wich were all own by mobs so he got infunenced into it and shot up from there he sang to his death and all though he has a son Frank Sinatra Jr he is(or was) not as good as Sinatra! but his daughter was ok. He made the original Oceans Eleven and then they re made it. Any way to sum up Frank Sinatra was wonderful and his show was too!
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