The Frank Sinatra Show

Season 2 Episode 1

The Frank Sinatra Timex Show

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1959 on ABC



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    • Dean Martin : (During Durante Medly, all the guys playing their parts)(To Frank Sinatra) Aw, this guy walked up to me - he said he hadn't had a bite in days!
      Frank Sinatra : So what did you do?
      Dean Martin : I bited him! Ha!
      Frank Sinatra : (Mouthing) Bited!

    • Bing Crosby : (During the Durante Medley. All the chaps were playing their parts) Stop the Music!
      Dean Martin : Stop the music? Whaddya mean - stop the music! I'm the one who says stop the music!
      Bing Crosby : I'm sorry Jimmy, just trying to get things moving.

    • Dean Martin : (Discussing the Durante picture and commenting on Crosby's remarking about having a role) Well you look happy, you should get with a band. Well anyway, speaking of that Durante picture - Who do you think is gonna play the title role?
      Frank Sinatra : Oh, you mean togetherness again?
      Dean Martin : (Muttering) Just as I thought I was gonna single everybody out...

    • Bing Crosby : (After being referred to as 'old') Now hang on just a minute. I don't want to be associated as the Sigmund Fried of the Gay Ninties or anything like that. But just what is this authentication you chaps want me to arbitrate.

    • Dean Martin : (After being congratulated on singing 'Wrap your troubles in Dreams') Aw, shucks! I had a good thing going for me - A Good Old Song!
      Frank Sinatra : Now hang on, that's not what I would call an old song.
      Dean Martin : Careful Dicky, you've shown the world - you're gonna show your crows feet!
      Frank Sinatra (Feeling his face) What? Those are laugh lines Melvin!

    • Mitzy Gaynor : (Walking in, having smelt perfume) Do Bing or Dean wear perfume?
      Frank Sinatra : I warned them about that.

    • Frank Sinatra : (During the opening song)(Singing) I've just dropped by to have a chat. Nothing more than that. Call me devil-may-care...HA HA!
      Bing Crosby :(Speaking) Oh, you're a colourful gypsy.

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