The Fresh Beat Band

Season 3 Episode 7

Chimps in Charge

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 11, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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The Fresh Beats can't decide on a song for their upcoming concert. However Harper really needs help; he had pizzas to make and he promised to babysit. The Fresh Beats offer to help, but Harper says babysitting is harder than it looks. The Fresh Beats say they can handle it. Harper decides to let the Fresh Beats take over the babysitting. But when he introduces the Fresh Beats to the kids, he realizes he's forgotten to mention one thing: he's babysitting chimpanzees! The chimps are a handful, and they make a big mess in the street. The chimps need a better place to play, so Marina suggests they build them a jungle gym. While the chimps play around the jungle gym, they help the Fresh Beats think of a song to play for their concert: Stomp the House!

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • When the Fresh Beats were singing from Stomp the House "Look in a room for a boom! Look at what I've found", Marina's Junior Beat was at the  top of the slide. When they sang, "Stomp the House!", sliding down the slide was Marina herself, and her Junior Beat was on her left-hand side of the slide.

      • This episode marks the first appearance of Melody's smoothie truck even though it wasn't supposed to until The Fresh Bots. Oops!

      • Look closely: Before Kiki and Marina high-five after dancing and singing B-I-N-G-O, Kiki gently taps Marina's nose.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Marina: (actually warning Harper) Oh, stop! Look out! Don't touch that!
        Harper: (not realizing what Marina is really doing) Great job, Marina
        (When Harper isn't looking, he accidentally knocks over a pile of pots and bowls. The Fresh Beats cringe at this)
        Harper: (sheepishly, realizes that Marina was actually trying to warn him) Uh, Marina, you were talking to me, weren't you?
        Marina: Yeah, I was (giggles)

      • (Kiki and Marina get Kiki's bed ready for Bingo's nap)
        Marina: Alright, Bingo, let's get you ready for a nap
        (Kiki and Marina find Bingo wearing Kiki's dress and vest)
        Kiki: (gasps) Oh, that vest looks fabulous with that dress!
        Marina: (chuckles) Oh, here (picks up a pair of flip flops) Try these shoes, and then nap time
        (Marina puts the flip flops on Bingo)
        Kiki: Oh, so cute. Ooh (picks up a hat) And maybe this hat, and then it's absolutely nap time
        (Kiki puts the hat on Bingo)
        Kiki: Oh, that hat looks amazing
        Kiki & Marina: Awwww!
        Kiki: I love it!
        Marina: Ooh, ooh! (picks up a jacket) A jacket!
        Kiki: Good call
        Marina: And then...
        Kiki & Marina: Nap time
        (Marina puts the jacket on Bingo)
        Kiki: (offscreen) Oh, perfect! She looks good in anything
        (Kiki and Marina get Kiki's bed ready)
        Marina: Alright, Bingo, nap time
        (Kiki and Marina turn to find a pile of Kiki's clothes)
        Kiki: Bingo?
        Marina: Bingo?
        (Bingo comes out, wearing a pink feather boa and smiling at the girls. Kiki and Marina make cooey baby faces)
        Kiki: That is so adorable!
        Marina: We've got this chimp-sitting down

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