The Fresh Beat Band

Season 3 Episode 8

Dance Floor Superhero

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary


The Fresh Beats have a new comic of the Mighty Music Band. It's Mighty Music Band Day at the Singin' Pizza Cafe, and Harper has made pizzas of the Mighty Music Band. There'll be a dance party. Harper even gives the Fresh Beats Mighty Music Band costumes so they can dress up like the MMB and serve the pizzas! They look so much like the real Mighty Music Band. Shout is dressed as Megawatt, Kiki is dressed as High Sea, Twist is dressed as DJ Amazing, and Marina is dressed as Rock Steady. Soon the Fresh Beats find that the entire town is frozen. It turns out that the evil Deep Freeze from their comic book is freezing everyone to stop the dance party. Deep Freeze mistakes the Fresh Beats for the Mighty Music Band because of their costumes. Can the Fresh Beats stop Deep Freeze and save their dance party?

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  • Rock Steady

    Did anyone else notice that Marina's MMB character wears her hair in two different ways? On the cover of a comic book Shout was showing us at the beginning, the character had her hair down. In the comic book the Fresh Beats were reading, she had her hair in a ponytail

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • On the cover of the MMB comic book, Rock Steady's boots were magenta with pink stripes. But the boots to Marina's Rock Steady costume were dark purple.

    • How did Marina get behind Kiki, Twist, and Shout after she dodged Deep Freeze's riff?

    • When Shout was talking with Twist and the girls on the phone, Marina and the boys had the wrong colored borders. Shout's border was yellow, Marina's border was orange, and Twist's border was purple.

    • Marina's ponytail looks a little like her bracelet.

    • The villain of the Mighty Music Band comic book is actuall Deep Freeze, but Nikki Blonsky was credited as MC Freeze.

    • Marina's Mighty Music Band character, Rock Steady, probably wears her hair in two different ways. On the cover of a comic book that Shout showed us in the beginning of the episode, Rock Steady was seen wearing her hair down. In the new comic book, Rock Steady has her hair in a ponytail. That's how Marina wore her hair when she was wearing the costume. When Harper made pizzas of the Mighty Music Band, he made Rock Steady's hair down.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Kiki: Guys, nothing worked
      Marina: Yeah, our friends are still frozen

    • Marina: (to Deep Freeze) Hey, why did you freeze our friends?

    • Marina: What happened?
      Kiki: I don't know. Wow, guys. We'd better find a way to unfreeze our friends.

    • Harper: Oh, gee, guys, I don't know. Maybe... (walks offscreen)
      (A triumphant trumpet tune plays as Harper appears back on camera with a rack of Mighty Music Band costumes)
      Harper: Like this?
      The Fresh Beats: Whoa!
      Harper: Uh-huh. Now when you guys put on the Mighty Music Band costumes to serve the pizzas, you'll look just like them.
      Marina: And we can have a high-flying dance party!

    • Marina: Bad guys, be ready for the super Rock Steady!

    • Marina: That would be cool, Twist, or we could use stuff we have here to warm everyone up

    • Marina: That sounded like Reed
      Kiki: And it's coming from outside

    • Shout: Oh, right. She's pretending to be a statue by holding super still. I'll get her to laugh and make her move (walks over to Melody and puffs his cheeks and pulls on his ears)
      (Marina is heard laughing. Melody doesn't move)
      Marina: Let me try (walks over to Melody and puckers her lips and crosses her eyes)
      (Shout is heard laughing. Melody doesn't move)
      Kiki: She's good
      (Twist walks over to Melody. He moves his pupils to her and makes a snort. The camera switches to Shout and the girls. Shout and Kiki smile at Twist)
      Marina: (laughs and shows a facial expression of laugher)
      (Melody doesn't even twitch)
      Twist: Eh, that usually works

    • Marina: That note is super high!
      Kiki: (gently puts her fist on Marina's tummy)Thanks, Marina. Oh, I mean "Rock Steady"(rubs elbows with Marina)Hey!

    • Marina: I'll go first (to Deep Freeze) Hey, Deep Freeze, I hear you like a nice loud beat, something you can dance to!
      (Marina starts drumming as hard and as fast as she can)
      Deep Freeze: (laughing) Rock Steady, your super fast drumming is no match for my icy cold riff!
      (Laughing evilly, Deep Freeze blasts a riff at Marina, who jumps aside safely Worried about Marina, Kiki, Twist, and Shout look in the direction where she had jumped. But she mysteriously appears from behind them)
      Marina: (mysteriously jumps up from behind her friends) Guys! My drums aren't loud enough

  • NOTES (1)

    • The Fresh Beats as the Mighty Music Band:
      Shout as Megawatt the baritone
      Kiki as High Sea the soprano
      Twist as DJ Amazing
      Marina as Rock Steady the drummer