The Fresh Beat Band

Season 3 Episode 5

Ghost Band

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Oct 24, 2011 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The Fresh Beats are having pizza when they get a letter saying that they have a gig outside of town! Harper makes their pizza to go, and the Fresh Beats go to pack their car to journey to this town.

But when the Fresh Beats get to the town, they notice how it looks. The town is old, dusty, and dry. It's a western town. Town mayor Henry comes and greets the Fresh Beats. Suddenly the Fresh Beats see a band running out of town because there are ghosts. Henry is devastated and thinks the Fresh Beats will have to leave because of this. Kiki informs him that there are no such things as ghosts. The Fresh Beats go and get ready for their gig.

The Fresh Beats are dressed in their western outfits and go to the stage. There are instruments there already: a harmonica, a fiddle, a piano, and drums. The Fresh Beats notice that the piano is playing itself. Shout opens the piano and finds that it's just a mouse. But when the Fresh Beats go off to tell Henry that they're ready, a ghost band appears! They think there's room for only one band in this town.

The Fresh Beats investigate the town. It's very empty and quiet. The ghosts throw pies at Twist and Shout. When Marina thinks that someone is just playing a trick on the band, a ghost showers her with flour. Kiki angrily tells this prankster that they don't have very nice manners but admits that they have good aim when the ghost pours flour on her, making Marina dirtier. When the Fresh Beats take refuge, they get smoothies and get cleaned up from the pies and the flour. The ghosts take the smoothies and lead the Fresh Beats into a prison. Before the Fresh Beats know it, the ghosts lock them in jail. The ghosts admit that they scared off every other band except the Fresh Beats. The ghosts rudely laugh as they disappear. Twist thinks of a random idea to get out of the prison. Marina suggests they just remain calm. But then she gets so scared that she panicks, and Kiki and Twist calm her down just as Henry comes to rescue the Fresh Beats.

The Fresh Beats have a showdown with the Ghost Band at high noon. Kiki competes with one male on the fiddle. Shout competes with the other male on the harmonica. Marina competes with the female on tap-dancing. It's a tie for all three of them. But there's one thing none of the Ghosts can do: beatbox like Twist. So the Fresh Beats win! But when the Fresh Beats go to play their concert, they find that the Ghosts are misunderstood. They were the only band that's ever played on the stage. The Ghost Band promise not to scare away the bands, and Henry promises stop trying to replac the Ghost Band. The bands are excited to get the crowd stomping, but there isn't much of a crowd. It looks like when the Ghosts scared away all the other bands, they also scared away the whole town. The Fresh Beats helped the Ghost Band get everyone back with a concert.

The town is now populated again, and there is now music. "What a great ghost story," says Marina. Just as she says this, the Ghost Band appears behind the Fresh Beats.