The Fresh Beat Band

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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  • Kids shows are just stupid nowadays. This one is bad across the board.

    I could not stand watching it. Any one who thinks it's bad, admit it. Remember those better kids shows like Blue's Clues and Little Bill. I watched it, and it was just boring. It was way to colorful, and the plots were boring. Pretty much every episode is like this: The Fresh Beats have a show or something, but something wrong happens to somebody's body. At the end, It turns out to be something really stupid. For example, Shout's legs go crazy and at the end it turns out thats he's excited. The entire show is alternating between them thinking of ways to solve the problem and dancing around in the streets. This is the worst show on Nick Jr. with the exceptions of a few like "Max and Ruby" or even "Lazytown". It's not too eduational ethier. The morals are plain dumb, and not much to learn from it. Not to forget, it's hard to watch. What is with this and the fact that the networks think kids have no opinion. I hated "Max and Ruby" as a kid. I have the same feeling right now for this show.
  • AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?! ANOTHER BAD SHOW?

    i just did my review on dora but this..OH GOD ITS EVEN WORSE....ITS JUST A BUNCH OF WORTHLESS TEENAGERS RUNNING AROUND TOWN SINGING USELESS SONGS and the stupid problems...UGH THERE L I T T L E PROBLEMS SOLVE THEM YOURSELF TEENAGERS CANT YOU JUST BUY A NEW PAIR OF SHOES IF YOU LOST YOUR SHOES YOU SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH MONEY seriously YOU DONT NEED SHOES TO PREFORM ON STAGE........god i cant stand this show once i see it on the tv i turn the channel...NICKOLODEON STOP WITH THE BADDD SHOWS BRING BACK THE GREAT LATE 80's AND EARLY MIDDLE AND LATE 90's ALSO THE EARRLY 2000's just why why why nickolodeon BRING BACK THE GOOD OLD CARTOONS and nickolodeon thanks for putting on the channel nicktoons but it doesnt feature all of them just bring them back on your original channel..just please nickolodeon stop being bad...
  • Kids Love the Show

    My kids love this show, they love to dance & sing with them. Great show for little ones.
  • Good clean fun with positive messages.

    My kids love this show. My daughter tries to dance just like them while my son sings. Plus thanks to the Fresh Beat Band, both of my kids have started into music with my son on the drums and daughter on the guitar. And with it i don't have to worry about content because they are always very good about using kid understanding talk and the kids don't get confused about what is being said. Hopefully there will be more eposides soon so the kids have some more great dancing and singing adventures with one of their favorite bands on tv.
  • Fresh beat Band is simply just a fun show for the kids to watch. It keeps their attention because it is so lively with the dancing and music. It encourages dance and music, which kids need.

    Fresh beat band is a lively and artistic show that entertains my one year and 4 year old grandchildren. They love the dancing and follow along with the group. This is one of the few shows that has people dancing and actually moving their feet to lively music rather than spinning on their heads to rap. We like the show because of the dancing and lively music that is catchy. The various shows seem mostly centered on just entertaining, being a fun show for kids to watch, which is a trait that seems to be lost on most of the kid's shows. We used to watch shows like Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner because they were just fun, silly shows. Nowdays cartoons are so serious and full of "lessons in life". Although the Fresh Beats do demonstrates values and morals between friends, there is none of the good guy versus bad guys that is in so many cartoons. It is great to watch my grandchildren delight in the music and dancing that the band brings to them. I compliment the enthusiam of each band member, and the talent it takes to dance as they do. Thank you for making music and dance important and a part of my grandchildren's lives.
  • This show makes me want to pull my hair out.

    Ok, I'm sorry to anyone who likes these types of programs, but I just can't stand this show. First of all, and I realize that this is the point of the show, but every episode has at least three songs, and I don't like a lot of singing on TV shows. The same song is used at the end of every episode, and sometimes the same song is used at least twice in the same episode. Also, there is hardly anything likable about any of the main characters. Marina is a nervous, overly-energetic control freak, Twist is too stupid to even be funny, Shout rhymes all the time and it gets annoying, and Kiki, well, I guess she's decent. There's nothing I particularly dislike about her. One more thing I can't stand about this show is the dumb story lines that are just senseless to me. I mean, there's one episode where Shout comes down with "loco legs" and can't stop moving his feet. What the heck??? The one thing I will give this show credit for is that it encourages kids to get up and move around. All in all, though, I find this show annoying and not very entertaining, and most other people my age probably would not enjoy it either. Marebear2009, out!
  • It's a music show so love the music! There's a lot to love for a toddler-aged kid show!


    First of all, it's dissappointing to see such a GREAT toddler show get graded down simply because you don't get it that the show is about a band. Duh - there's music in it go figure.

    Second, the silliness is there for the little kids which they love, not for grownups.

    The vast majority of toddler aged shows are either dorky, creepy, or jaded.

    This show is none of the above and the music is amazingly well done, in fact I've never seen a toddler show quite like it.

    Absolutely love the music bits and so does my toddler. It's fresh believe it or not. Totally different from the music on other toddler shows.

    The goofy stuff doesn't do anything for me but my toddler loves it. The nice thing (for toddlers)is it's innocent without being dorky.

    So check it out - just remember - the show is about a BAND lol.

  • Four friends in a band who use music to solve problems.

    The Fresh Beat Band is about four friends (Marina, Kiki, Twist and Shout) who play in a band. There are some good things about this show and there's some bad.
    The Good:
    1. The songs are quite catchy. Don't say you haven't found yourself humming "It was a great day" cause you know you have;)
    2. The house they live in is clean, simple, bright and modern. It's perfect for holding preschoolers' attention.
    3. The characters are energetic, happy and likable.
    4. The storylines are simple enough for little kids to follow along (Shout can't sleep, but keeps everyone else awake by playing his trumpet)

    The Bad:
    1. Sometimes when you have adults in a show targeting 2-4 year olds you get cheesy, melodramatic acting that will make some adults roll their eyes.
    2. Twist is too dim-witted at times.
    3. Those catchy songs can become repetitive after a few episodes.

    Overall, it's a decent show. Kids will like it, adults will tolerate it.