The Fresh Beat Band

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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  • Fresh beat Band is simply just a fun show for the kids to watch. It keeps their attention because it is so lively with the dancing and music. It encourages dance and music, which kids need.

    Fresh beat band is a lively and artistic show that entertains my one year and 4 year old grandchildren. They love the dancing and follow along with the group. This is one of the few shows that has people dancing and actually moving their feet to lively music rather than spinning on their heads to rap. We like the show because of the dancing and lively music that is catchy. The various shows seem mostly centered on just entertaining, being a fun show for kids to watch, which is a trait that seems to be lost on most of the kid's shows. We used to watch shows like Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner because they were just fun, silly shows. Nowdays cartoons are so serious and full of "lessons in life". Although the Fresh Beats do demonstrates values and morals between friends, there is none of the good guy versus bad guys that is in so many cartoons. It is great to watch my grandchildren delight in the music and dancing that the band brings to them. I compliment the enthusiam of each band member, and the talent it takes to dance as they do. Thank you for making music and dance important and a part of my grandchildren's lives.
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