The Fresh Beat Band

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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  • Kids shows are just stupid nowadays. This one is bad across the board.

    I could not stand watching it. Any one who thinks it's bad, admit it. Remember those better kids shows like Blue's Clues and Little Bill. I watched it, and it was just boring. It was way to colorful, and the plots were boring. Pretty much every episode is like this: The Fresh Beats have a show or something, but something wrong happens to somebody's body. At the end, It turns out to be something really stupid. For example, Shout's legs go crazy and at the end it turns out thats he's excited. The entire show is alternating between them thinking of ways to solve the problem and dancing around in the streets. This is the worst show on Nick Jr. with the exceptions of a few like "Max and Ruby" or even "Lazytown". It's not too eduational ethier. The morals are plain dumb, and not much to learn from it. Not to forget, it's hard to watch. What is with this and the fact that the networks think kids have no opinion. I hated "Max and Ruby" as a kid. I have the same feeling right now for this show.