The Fresh Beat Band

Season 3 Episode 9

Rock Star

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 25, 2011 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Marina is seen wearing a silver Rock Star jacket and singing Rock Star. When she's not looking, Kiki and Twist walk in on her much to her embarrassment. Seeing the jacket on Marina, Kiki and Twist ask if she'd finally won the Rock Star game. But Marina didn't actually win; she's only wearing the jacket. Marina explains to the viewers that wearing the jacket is fun, but she can't wear it unless she wins the game. She asks Kiki and Twist to play with her. But Twist promised the Junior Beats he'd play basketball with them. Kiki asked Harper to make her an extra-large veggie pizza. Shout needs to sort through his giant pile of socks. Marina asks her friends to just play one quick game. But then Kiki, Twist, and Shout remind her that she didn't play by the rules the last time and the time before that. So Marina offers to help Shout with his socks and promises to play by the rules and only wear the jacket if she wins.

The Fresh Beats are ready to play. Marina goes first and hopes she doesn't land on yellow because it's the hardest riff in the game. When she lands on yellow, she tries to get out of having to play the riff by pretending she landed on red. Then Kiki, Twist, and Shout remind her that she promised to play by the rules, so she moves her game piece to the yellow space and gets the Rock Star round! If Marina plays her riff successfully all the way through, she wins the game. But it's too bad the riff is the hardest in the game, and Marina has never played it right. So she gives it a try but doesn't play it right. Hip Hop and Flop! So Marina has to move her game piece back to start. Kiki, Twist, and Shout play their riffs successfully. When Marina lands on yellow again, she "accidentally" bangs the table, which gets the spinner to move to the black and white swirl. Nobody knows what could happen if anyone lands on the black and white swirl. So Marina moves her game piece to the black and white space.

The Fresh Beats find a giant keyboard, a giant spinner, a giant boombox, and a giant game board. Then Marina realizes that they're actually inside the Rock Star game world! Now they know what happens when somebody lands on the black and white swirl. The Fresh Beats move to their spaces and proceed with their game. But there's one big problem. The keyboard is too big for anybody to play their riffs. This is making the Fresh Beats bananas. Bananas? Did somebody say "BANANAS!"?

Going bananas makes the Fresh Beats feel better, but they're still stuck at the beginning of the game. Marina feels awful because her competitiveness got the best of her and the band into this mess. As Kiki, Twist, and Shout make their friend feel better, Marina finally promises to follow the rules, so she can win the game and get the band home. Then Twist realizes that the Junior Beats are starting to wonder why he hasn't shown up to play basketball. Kiki realizes that Harper is probably wondering why she hasn't shown up for her pizza. Shout's sock pile isn't going to sort itself.

Harper and the Junior Beats are out looking for Kiki and Twist. They have no idea where they are. Harper finds Shout's sock pile, and the Junior Beats find the Rock Star game. When Kiki's Junior Beat lands on the black and white swirl, Harper and the Junior Beats (and Shout's sock pile) get transported in the Rock Star game world. It's Marina's turn, and she's determined to get the band home...and wear the Rock Star jacket. Kiki, Twist, and Shout hope she doesn't land on yellow. When Marina lands on yellow, they try to get her tobump the spinner, but she takes the rules seriously this time. She's confident that she can do it, but she needs to find a way to play her super hard riff on the ginormous keyboard. So she suggests that everyone use their legs to play the riff all together. Then Marina gets the Rock Star round again! Everyone plays Marina's riff successfully! Marina has finally won the game and earned her Rock Star jacket. Everyone wants to see Marina play a great show for them, but she wants her friends to join her because they helped her win.

After the show, Harper, the Junior Beats, and the Fresh Beats get transported home. Kiki, Twist, and Shout congratulate Marina on winning the game and playing by the rules which is why she earned the jacket. Twist and the Junior Beats go off to play basketball. Harper gives Kiki her pizza. Shout and Marina have serious sock-sorting to do. But when he, Kiki, and Harper turn to Marina, they find that she'd already sorted all of Shout's socks! She's not only a rock star, but a sock star!

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