The Fresh Beat Band - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • Step it Up
    Episode 19
    The Fresh Beats get to learn a new stepping dance for a competition, but they’re on different teams. Then, they figure out a way to combine their dance so they can perform together on stage.
  • Band in a Jam
    Episode 13
    The Fresh Beat Band go to a concert to see their favorite musician Ne-Yo but get stuck in a room at the venue. They remember how they formed a band as kids and then they perform on stage with Ne-Yo.
  • Follow the Leader
    Episode 18
    Twist loves being the conductor of the school band, but he needs to be a better listener too. Shout, Marina, and Kiki help him to listen to the music so that he can conduct them correctly.
  • Mixed Up Musical
    Episode 17
    The Fresh Beat Band is a live-action preschool musical sitcom set to original pop songs with preschool-friendly lyrics. Marina, Kiki, Twist and Shout are the Fresh Beat Band – four friends who love to sing, dance and make music.
  • Drum Party
    Episode 11

    Today is Marina's birthday! Kiki, Twist, and Shout are throwing a surprise party for her. But the biggest surprise of all is when everyone each gives Marina a different drum. Kiki gets her a jembe drum. Shout gets her a steel drum. Twist gives her a giant bass drum. The birthday party turns into a drum party!

  • 3/8/11
    The Fresh Beats need a chorus to sing Kiki's new song, so they invite people from all over town to join. Can they help everyone finish what they need to do so they can join the chorus?
  • Balloon Buddy
    Episode 14
    The Fresh Beats befriend a pink balloon, and then literally make more balloon friends to play with too. When all the balloons get out of control, only a conga line can save the day.
  • Car Wash Dance
    Episode 10
    Kiki wants to choreograph a catchy new dance. When the Fresh Beat car accidentally gets dirty, Kiki's car-cleaning moves turns into a great new dance - "The Car Wash!"
  • 3/7/11
    On their way to the Zydeco Music Parade, Twist, Shout, and Reed get stuck on the road! They have to find a way to the parade while Kiki and Marina find instruments for them to play.
  • 12/13/10
    The Fresh Beats are living toys in a magical holiday toyland! Which is great … until Dancing Robot Twist runs out of batteries! Shout, Marina, and Kiki need to help him get his moves back.
  • 3/10/11

    Kiki's favorite violin duo has invited the Fresh Beats to play with them, but Kiki's violin string breaks. The Fresh Beats go to Reed's music store to ask him to fix the violin, but he's not there. Kiki decides to ask the violin duo if they have a string she can have, but her violin goes missing! Where could it have gone?

  • Back to School
    Episode 5
    It’s their first day back at music school and the Fresh Beats reminisce about their favorite songs. They can’t decide on just one, so they decide to make an awesome, new back-to-school song.
  • Giant Pumpkin
    Episode 6
    Shout grows a giant pumpkin to bring to the Fall Festival. Watch this video online at!
  • Presto Pants
    Episode 15
    The Fresh Beats need to practice for a dance performance, but they also want to play basketball. The solution? Presto Pants to help them do a super-fast basketball dance!
  • 9/2/10
    The rain inspires Marina to write a new song, but when the rain stops, so does her inspiration! To finish the song, the Fresh Beats help Marina to find a sound similar to the rhythm of the rain.
  • Circus Mojo
    Episode 1
    The circus is in town, but it needs performers! Fresh Beats to the rescue! Marina encourages her friends in their new acts, but when she?s asked to be ringmaster, she needs encouragement too!
  • 9/1/10
    The Fresh Beats jam with their acoustic instruments when they go camping and try to spot a shooting star. But it's Twist's first time camping and he has a lot to learn!
  • Honk Honk
    Episode 2
    The Fresh Beats order a brand new car online, but it's delivered in 57 different boxes! They'll need to follow the instructions one step at a time to build a rockin' new car!
  • Jungle Jazz
    Episode 4

    The Fresh Beats find a plant growing in a crack of the sidewalk. Twist decides to bring it home. Every time he scat-sings, the plant grows! He names the plant "Scatty". But this is a problem. The more the Fresh Beats scat-sing, the bigger Scatty grows. He covers the lobby and the street. What are the Fresh Beats going to do?