The Fresh Beat Band - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • 11/18/11

    The Fresh Beats have a new comic of the Mighty Music Band. It's Mighty Music Band Day at the Singin' Pizza Cafe, and Harper has made pizzas of the Mighty Music Band. There'll be a dance party. Harper even gives the Fresh Beats Mighty Music Band costumes so they can dress up like the MMB and serve the pizzas! They look so much like the real Mighty Music Band. Shout is dressed as Megawatt, Kiki is dressed as High Sea, Twist is dressed as DJ Amazing, and Marina is dressed as Rock Steady. Soon the Fresh Beats find that the entire town is frozen. It turns out that the evil Deep Freeze from their comic book is freezing everyone to stop the dance party. Deep Freeze mistakes the Fresh Beats for the Mighty Music Band because of their costumes. Can the Fresh Beats stop Deep Freeze and save their dance party?

  • Graduation Day
    Episode 1

    The Fresh Beats are graduating from music school. Kiki, Twist, and Shout know what they want to be when they graduate, but Marina doesn't know what she wants to be. Some of the careers she tries aren't quite right or safe for her. As the Fresh Beats play their graduation song, Marina then realizes that she really wants to be a drummer in the Fresh Beat Band!

  • The Wizard of Song
    Episode 12

    Marina is swept up in a tornado and finds herself in a strange new world. She meets little Juniorkins, a goofy good witch, a not-so-smart scarecrow, an emotionless tin woodswoman, and a scaredy-cat lion. Marina needs to find out how she can get home. So she journeys off to see the Wizard of Song in the Emerald City. But on her way, she meets a Bad Witch, who attempts to trap Marina and steal her sparkly shoes. Can Scarecrow, Tin, Woman, and Lion protect Marina from the Bad Witch? Will this Fresh Beat be stranded in this crazy world for the rest of her life?

  • Rock Star
    Episode 9

    The Fresh Beats are having fun playing their favorite board game, Rock Star. Marina's competitiveness gets the best of her, and the Fresh Beats are transported to the Rock Star game world. At first, it's fun, but nobody can play their riff on the giant keyboard because it's too hard for only one person. Putting her competitiveness behind her, Marina promises her friends that she'll follow the rules, so she can win this game and get them home. But how can she win the game if she can't even play her super hard riff on the giant keyboard?

  • Bollywood Beats
    Episode 10

    The Fresh Beats are performing at an Indian festival. When they play a gatom drum at Reed's store, they meet a genie and his three best friends! The genie gives the Fresh Beats four wishes. The Fresh Beats decide to use these wishes to make their performance the best performance ever. But the first two wishes don't go so well. When they wish for an audience that's hopping, kicking, squealing, and honking, their audience are pigs, donkeys, bunnies, and goats. When Marina accidentally wishes that she and the Fresh Beats could sing like birds, they not only sing like birds but talk like birds! They use their thrid wish to find the genie and make everything normal. The genie makes the Fresh Beats realize that all they need to put on the best show ever is each other!

  • Snow Day
    Episode 20
    The Fresh Beats are putting on a winter show with the Junior Beats with Marina as their snowdrummer, but they can't seem to get realistic-looking snow. So they put ice in a giant blender to make real snow. But Twist puts more ice in the giant blender and leaves it on all night. In the morning, the Fresh Beats find themselves snowed in! Even after clearing away the snow, it still proves a very big problem because the Fresh Beats can't seem to stop slipping and falling down. Then Marina suggests they use ice-skates and turn the winter show into an ice-skating show! After the show, it snows for real!moreless
  • Royal Wedding
    Episode 13

    The Fresh Beats are excited for a royal wedding happening in town. But there's one really big problem. The Princess has called off the wedding because she doesn't want to marry the Prince. Before anybody knows it, the Princess becomes smitten with Twist because he's very funny, and then she decides to marry him! The Fresh Beats decide to reunite the Princess with her Prince by making him funny. But can the Fresh Beats make the Prince funnier than Twist?

  • Keepin It Green
    Episode 14

    The Fresh Beats are having fun at the park with the Junior Beats until Mayor Fletcher decides to replace it with a new office building! Oh, no! The Juniors are counting on the Fresh Beats to save the park. Will the park be replaced by the office building forever? Or can the Fresh Beats save the park?

  • 1/1/12
    The Fresh Beats meet the Gabba Land gang when Plex beams DJ Lance and friends into the Singing Pizza Café! They'll need to band together to get to Toodee's beach party on a wacky journey through the Arctic, the ocean, and the Wild West!
  • Pink Swan
    Episode 19
    When a new ballet comes to town, Kiki is cast in the lead as the Pink Swan! She'll need help from the other Fresh Beats to learn to do five turns in a row ... and to figure out how to stop!
  • 2/10/13

    The Fresh Beats audition for a Dragon dance festival but unfortunately don't get in. Bobbie agrees to give them a second chance, but she tells them that they should seek help from the mysterious Laughing Dance Master. When the Fresh Beats find the Dance Master in the Bamboo forest, they know why he's called the LaughingDance Master; he laughs all the time even when things are serious. He agrees to help the Fresh Beats...with really odd tasks!Kiki has to balance a bowl of rice on a pole while standing on one foot. Twist has to pull down some bamboo with a feather duster. Shout has to repaint the gate. Marina has to pick dead leaves, but the Dance Master turns on the garden hose. The hose goes crazy, and Marina has to dodge it while she's picking the leaves! How's this going to help the Fresh Beats do the Dragon dance correctly?

  • Dance-A-Thon
    Episode 17

    Harper is hosting an all-night pizza party and dance-a-thon! Whoever dances all night long wins all the money in a big piggy bank. During the dance-a-thon, the Fresh Beats revisit music videos of them singing different songs in past episodes. Who will win?

  • Hoop Dreams
    Episode 16

    The Junior Beats are playing their first basketball game against the Mighty Lions, and the Fresh Beats are the cheerleaders and performing a halftime show! But Harper receives a last minute all from the Mighty Lions' coach. The Mighty Lions can't make the game! No opposing team means no basketball game. Will there be a replacement opposing team? Or will the game be cancelled?

  • The Fresh Bots
    Episode 11

    Twist promises Melody that he and the Fresh Beats would help her pick berries for her smoothies. Marina promises Harper that she and the Fresh Beats would help make tomato sauce for his pizzas. But the Fresh Beats can't be in two places at once. So they order four robots to complete these chores. These robots are exactly like the Fresh Beats. Shout-Bot has extendo arms. Kiki-Bot can go allegro. Twist-Bot is magnetic. Marina-Bot is very strong. All goes well until the robots make a big mess. The Fresh Beats need to clean up the mess and make things right.

  • Cool Pool Party
    Episode 3

    The Fresh Beats are excited to have fun at the town pool party, and Twist gets to be the DJ. Reed gets to be the lifeguard. When the Fresh Beats decide to check out the pool before the party begins, Twist plays a song for them to make a big splash. But when Shout and the girls jump in the pool, the splash is so big that they splash all the water out of the pool! No water in the pool means no pool party. How can the Fresh Beats refill the pool in time for the party?

  • Giant Pizza
    Episode 2

    The Fresh Beats meet Harper, owner of the Singin' Pizza Cafe. Harper is overwhelmed because he has a lot to do to welcome new customers. The Fresh Beats offer to help. Today is Pizza and Pirate Day, which means that the Fresh Beats get to dress like pirates! The Fresh Beats hand out pizza samples to everyone in town. But then they attract lots of customers, and they need to make lots of pizzas for everyone. So Marina suggests they make a giant pizza for the customers!

  • Chimps in Charge
    Episode 7

    The Fresh Beats can't decide on a song for their upcoming concert. However Harper really needs help; he had pizzas to make and he promised to babysit. The Fresh Beats offer to help, but Harper says babysitting is harder than it looks. The Fresh Beats say they can handle it. Harper decides to let the Fresh Beats take over the babysitting. But when he introduces the Fresh Beats to the kids, he realizes he's forgotten to mention one thing: he's babysitting chimpanzees! The chimps are a handful, and they make a big mess in the street. The chimps need a better place to play, so Marina suggests they build them a jungle gym. While the chimps play around the jungle gym, they help the Fresh Beats think of a song to play for their concert: Stomp the House!

  • Veloci-Rap-Star
    Episode 6

    Max, a hip manager, wants Twist to perform a rap concert! However, it all turns out that he's going on tour. Shout and the girls let him go anyway, not wanting him to throw away the opportunity. It's going to be hard to find another friend like Twist. Twist realizes that he's in a dinosaur band now. Shout and the girls find out that Twist joined another band and sneak in, dressed as dinosaurs, to talk to him. Twist confesses that he doesn't like this as much as he thought he would. So after the concert, Twist reunites with his bandmates!

  • Ghost Band
    Episode 5

    The Fresh Beats get a gig in a western town. The Fresh Beats are excited. But this town is proven to have ghosts! The Ghost Band is trying to scare the Fresh Beats away, so they can't perform their concert. Can the Fresh Beats perform their concert and stop the Ghost Band? Or will the Ghost Band scare the Fresh Beats away?