The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 23

72 Hours

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 1991 on NBC

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  • Carlton goes to Compton

    This was another episode I enjoyed. The relationship of Will and Carlton has was never easy. Both come from different backgrounds and take shoots at each other. I think this episode goes a long way to building that realtionship. Seeing Carlton go a "street" was interesting to see. I think it was funny how quickly he was accepted into Jazz's group of friends. I also enjoyed that while Carlton was "street" he was still the same Carlton with what he teaches Jazz's friend. This episode was a bit of reversal of roles. Carlton, a little careless and Will the concerned one. This episode shows how much he has changed. I don't think he would have told Viv and Phillp in the pilot. I also enjoyed the dream Will had of Carlton coming back to the house. It was over the top, but it was worth seeing. The funniest part was when Viv came and got Carlton and "Boy do not test me." This episode was a sold showing.
  • this was a very funny ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince will challenges carlton to spend a few days in the rough part of town and carlton accepts the bet and so he goes and at first the guys in the getto hate him and will thinks this is going to be a sure win for him and then the next the next day the guys in the getto like him because he is helping them cheat the system and doing all there bills and stuff will cant belive carton is dressing like them and talking like them and the guys seem to take a disliking to will cuz he wants carlton to go home and then will does not know what to do so he calls his parents and they come down and get him and the guys think will stinch on him. this was a very funny ep
  • Another funny episode

    All of my reviews on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air episodes are practically the same, but I do find them all hilarious. I liked the insults Will kept bothering Carlton with, and how they made a bet to live at Jazz's apartment for the weekend. The ruse they use to fool Vivian and Philip that it was a school field trip was also entertaining. The way Carlton caught on to living in Jazz's home was also funny, and Will's dream of Uncle Phil choking him and Carlton becoming a gang member was downright hilarious. I liked Phil's message in the end, though, telling Carlton that courage is being who you are no matter what anyone thinks.
  • Just a hilarious episode in so many ways!!!! Aurely a series classic.

    Carlton has become fed up with Will and Jazz, after declaring he is not less black because of his lifestyle. Jazz makes another cheap shot at him, and so they place a bet: can Carlton survive a weekend in Compton. Will and Carlton trick their parents into thinking they'll be in San Fransisco on a field trip and head out. Will and Jazz go to get food, and expect to come back to a dead Carlton. But instead come back to the financial consultant Ceno, dressed to fit, and able to speak the part. But when Will learns Carlton plans on going to McArthur park the next night he returns home to tell Phil and Vivian. He soon finds Vivian down in Compton to get Carlton home. It is soon realized, back in Bel Air, that both Will and Carlton had points about teasing eachother.
  • Love this episode!

    72 Hours is a hilarious episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! It was absolutely funny to see Carlton trying to be all "gangsta". I laughed so hard during the whole episode! And the way Carlton was dressing was great! I honestly didn't think that Carlton could ever last the weekend in Jazz's neighborhood! But I have to say he did a pretty awesome job for himself! I also thought it was so funny when Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil drive down there to take Carlton home! That was great! Anyways this is an awesome episode of the Fresh Brince of Bel Air!
  • It was a hilarious episode.

    I absolutely loved this episode. I didn't think Carlton would take the bet, but I'm glad he did. It made for one heck of an episode. Lol. He didn't fit into the rough gangster lifestyle that Will was accustomed to at all. It was hilarious to watch. It was a little out of character for Will to be the worried one and go back to Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil to tell them what had happened. Aunt Viv got SOOO mad. I loved it when she went to where Carlton was and fussed at all the boys for being slobs. It was a great episode.
  • 72 Hours

    Carlton in Compton is a very creative idea and shows that given the right situation, Carlton can actually be “black” though his confidence rises way too high when he decides to go to Macarthur Park.

    When Carlton first arrives at Jazz’s crib, it is a very entertaining scene because he manages to use nearly every sentence that would get anyone else beat up and his hip dictionary is also very funny.

    Will ratting on Carlton was a different direction than most episodes with Carlton ratting on Will for very mild things and is great that Carlton is shown to have rubbed off on Will since he definitely wouldn’t have tattled on Carlton before he’d moved to Bel Air.
  • episode #23

    will makes a bet with carlton that he cant spend three days in a tough neighborhood. carlton takes the bet. at first he doesnt fit in very good, but will leaves for a while, and comes back to see carlton all tough. will will have to get carlton back home before his parents find out.
  • I love this episode.

    I can truly say that this might be my most favorite episode of this show. I loved the plot of it. Once again, Carlton was amazing. Carlton is hilarious and this episode showed that he could act. An episode like this make shows great. I loved the whole concept of this episode, and I can't get enough of it. You would never believe how many times I've seen this episode, and I don't regret one thing. When I turn my television on and I see episodes like this I can't calm myself down. They are so funny, if you don't laugh you must not have the volume on.