The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 3

All Guts, No Glory

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1993 on NBC

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  • Will and Carlton register for classes

    This was a little bit of a setback from the last episode, but still an enjoyable, watchable episode. From the pilot, you can see that Will has potential. He has never applied himself, barely graduating from high school. Again he does it choosing easy classes, why just because to get with a women. The exchange between Will and the professor was very funny. I also enjoyed the role of the professor. I think what happened to Will did have an impact on him. On a small note, I enjoyed how Hilary was getting over Trevor.

    On a personal note I enjoyed this episode because I too had a professor in college that I really liked having.
  • Will truly learns a valuable life lesson....

    Will has often been lectured by Uncle Phil on working hard, but I thought this episode really made the message clear. Will decides to take a philosophy class to impress this girl, but he can't even pronounce the name of the course. He mistrusts the teacher at first, but he soon finds the class to be enjoyable. Unfortuneatly, because the class was going to be difficult, he drops out. He tells Uncle Phil that it's just one class and that it was too challenging. Philip angrily tells him that he needs to take harder classes to challenge himself, and that if he wants respect, he needs to go out and earn it, no matter how difficult it may be. It shows a weaker side of Will, how he runs from challenges sometimes, takes the easy way, and misuses his talents that many people would kill to have, but it shows that he is truly human. He decides to go back into the class, but his spot had already been taken. He was allowed to stay if he was willing to do the work and not receive any credit. He accepted, realizing that it would be a good class for fulfillment and challenge.
  • All Guts, No Glory

    This episode shows a different side of Will, while keeping him in his true character form, showing his philosophy on life, work and relationships and then quitting a course on the subject of philosophy because the teacher was someone he mistreated in his work philosophy, which adds a bit of irony to the plot aswell, though I thought the episode could have been more funny since he got the quitting lecture from a number of different characters before he went crawling back to enjoy the one course that he had to take as an extra lesson to show his dedication.

    Overall, this episode has some great moments but also has its weak spots but all in all is an entertaining watch.
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