The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 2

Bang the Drum, Ashley

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1990 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Will starts getting used to his new lifestyle and persuades Ashley to spice up her life and stop playing the violin. He takes her to a pawn shop and she gets a new set of drums instead. Shocked by this, Philip insists on Ashley keeping up her lessons. Vivian is for it until Ashley want to give up ballet.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Will and Phil try to help Ashley decide what she wants to do

    I liked this episode. It was not as good as the Pilot but I still liked it. It was the first of many episodes of seeing Jazz. I liked seeing him and Will together. The high five is still great to see this day. It has been copied by many people. It was also the first joke Geforey of Phil. Not a great one but still funny. This was the first episode of Will and Phil battling of what's best of Ashley. This is a continuing theme of the series. With Will wanting Ashley to have more freedom and Phil wanting to have his daughter to have more structure. I liked how Ashley choose her own way. One thing I didn't like was the "joke" that Carlton told at the start of the episode. I knew it was supposed to be a bad joke but it wasn't done right. It's no knock against the actor who plays him. Also the characters outside of Will and Ashley are still a little stiff. Otherwise a solid show.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show fresh prince of balair will is asked by ashley what she should do when she tells him about playing the vilin he goes and takes her to a pawn shop out in east la and pawns it for a set of drums and cheap jewlery and the parents are mad at him epsialy phip and he wants her to play vilin and then it comes out he was into james brown and clasic music and then ashley starts to play the drums and it drives them crazy and jazz gets tossed out this was the first time it was a classicmoreless
  • Jazz's first ep - yaaaaaaaay!

    This is one of my favourite episodes because it is the first that displays the warm relationship Will has with Ashley, showing that he's more of a caring older brother than just a cousin (even if he executes it in the bizarrest of ways!).

    I am really glad that they decided to incorporate Jazz into the storyline, and this episode couldn't have done a better job in bringing him in. Just the way he first walked into the room made me crack up.

    The best part of this episode is when Will attempts to explain to his aunt and uncle exactly what he did with their daughter's violin!moreless
  • It was great for one of the first episodes. Woohoo!! The appeearance of Jazz! 8)

    Dang Jazz can play the drums well!! O.O Woohoo!! Jazz comes into the show!! 8) This episode isn't as good as the newer episodes, but only because the actors and actresses haven't become their character yet. They are still really good. (Geoffrey is still awesome. 8) Lol.) Vivian cool in this episode because she was so open-minded. That's not like her. Usually she's against Will's ideas, but in this episode she hadn't learned that important lesson yet. XP Ashley was pretty fake and annoying in this episode. Luckily she becomes much better. :) Overall it was a decent and funny episode.moreless
  • Will persuades Ashley to stop playing the violin. So he takes her to a pawn shop and she gets a new set of drums instead. Shocked by this Phillip insists on Ashley keeping up her lessons. Viv is for it until Ashley want to give up ballet.moreless

    This is a great episode. My favorite part of this episode is when we see Will in the car and he is so sick of hearing the violinist that on his way to drive all the orchestra girls to class he skips a girl on the way. Another good part of this episode is when we see Will showing the girls on the way to orchestra class how to sing I got the power and the last we hear is Will saying something like now everybody scream so we hear all the girls scream. I also like a part of this episode when Phil saying that he was very poor and that he wanted to play orchestra and while he was in the street he was hoping to catch a note from orchestra but obviously Vivian interrupted telling everyone that when she meet him he was into James Brown. This was a very funny part of this episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The scene where Jazz is thrown out of the house in this episode is the same exact clip used in every Fresh Prince episode that features him being thrown out of the front door.

    • This episode introduces Jeff Townes as Jazz, who will play Will's best friend for many episodes to come.

    • Goof: When Phil is telling Geoffrey about his day at work he takes an aspirin and drinks the water. The glass of water is almost gone. But if you look closely a couple of shots later the glass is full of water again.

    • Goof: Phil says that Will is 17 but in a later episode, Will says that he left Philly when he was 14.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Will: The world does not need another Philip Banks. In fact, we might not even have enough farm land to support the one we have.

    • (Jazz was just kicked out of the house)
      Vivian: Philip, you drop-kicked a human being across the front lawn.
      Philip: It felt good damn it! Back in the saddle again.
      Vivian: I think living down the street from the Regans has had a very bad effect on you.

    • Hilary: Carlton told a joke.
      Will: No Hilary. Carlton is a joke.

    • Ashley: Didn't you have an after school schedule when you were my age?
      Will: Yeah. The TV guide.

    • Philip: When I was a kid, I loved classical music, but my parents couldn't afford lessons. I use to stand outside of the Philharmonic's hoping to catch spare notes on the night air.
      Vivian: Philip, when I met you, you were in to James Brown.
      Will: (laughing) He liked James Brown?
      Vivian: He even wore his hair like him.
      Will: (laughing) He had hair?

    • Geoffrey: (to Philip) Can I get you anything, sir? Another aspirin? Perhaps a gun?

    • Will: (about Ashley) You're trying to control her too much. She's nine years old and she already has a calendar telling her where she has to be and what she has to do.
      Philip: But she doesn't have to worry about that because you tell her what to do? You're not her father.
      Will: Alright. But how come you didn't even know if she doesn't like the violin.
      Philip: She liked it for a whole year until you moved into this house. Can you explain that?
      Ashley: I never liked it Daddy.
      Vivian: That explains it.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Will:This is not going to be another one of those Theo moments? Will was talking about Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show (played by Malcolm Jamal Warner), and who was the son of Cliff and Claire Huxtable. The show ran from 1984-1992.

    • Will:Yes M, I'll be more than happy to drive you to the Piggly Wiggly Miss Daisy. This is from the 1989 movie Driving Miss Daisy where an African American chauffeur (played by Morgan Freeman) who drives Daisy around where she needs to be (played by Jessica Tandy), who was hired by her son (played by Dan Aykroyd). The movie reflects on the changing times from 1948-1973 and they were great friends.

    • Will: Everybody, repeat after me. I got the power.

      The power is a song by Snap. in 1990.

    • This episode title is an allusion to the Todd Rundgren song Bang the Drum All Day .

    • Vivian: Snap is a good band.
      Carlton: When Crackle and Pop make a single, give me a ring.
      This alludes to the characters on the Rice Krispies Cereal Box, which are Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

    • Will: Come on Uncle Phil, you'll ruin my rep.
      Philip: You're only 17, you don't have a rep yet.

      This is said in reference to Will Smith's song Parents Just Don't Understand, with the line of: I said come on mom, you'll ruin my rep, she said you're only 16, you don't have a rep yet.