The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 22

Banks Shot

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 1991 on NBC
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Episode Summary

With Vivian gone for the weekend and Hilary in charge, it's a sure bet Will is going to get himself into trouble. When Will finds himself in debt to a pool hustler, he turns to Uncle Phil for help.

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  • What a great episode seeing Will owing his debts to society

    I really loved this episode so much. It was great to see what life would be like without Vivian in charge and what exactly Will can cause when even the slightest restrictions placed

    The funniest thing about this episode is seeing Phil playing pool! That made my day and how this episode was paced, every bit of content there was and how it wrapped up was just briliant
  • Hilary in charge of the house; Will goes to the pool hall

    I liked this episode better then the last one. I liked that this episode had two parts, even though the pool hall part was the bigger storyline. I have always enjoyed stories with Phillp and Will. This episode showed how much he cares for Will. They have already shown that but this reinforces it. I enjoyed that Phillp hustled the people at the pool hall. Seeing how Hilary took care of the house was interesting to see. This shows how much she has come. If you saw the pilot, you wouldn't believe it.moreless
  • this was a very memorable ep i thought

    in this ep of the fresh prince the parents go away for the weekend and hillery is put in charge of them. and will goes off to a pool haul and he thinks he is winning tons of money and he is welcoming all challenges and guy comes up to him in suit and says 50 bucks a ball and will accepts and loses more money then he has so they take the car and will does not know what to do so he tells phillp and will thinks phillp has not seen guys like this guy and phillp goes down to the pool haul and tells the man he is ready to challenge him and the guy seems to be killing philp the guy gets over confident and says 100 bucks a ball and the phillp says to jeffery break out lu sale and total kills the guy it was funny at one point he was eating sandwich at the same time he was hitting and slaping will for high fives it was classic.moreless
  • banks shot

    Will Smith is regarded by some today as a good actor. I personally do not see it, but as far as being over the top with his character, few on television could do it better than he did on Fresh Prince and this episode perfectly displayed that outlandish youth-oriented, goofball humor.

    This episode really showcased James Avery's acting range acting like a buffoon one minute, and a no nonsense judge the next. We all could see him hustling the guy from a mile away, but it was still great TV when Uncle Phil got revenge for Will at the pool hall.moreless
  • Funny

    Aw man this episode is awesome. First Uncle Phil won't let Will barrow the car to go play pool. But since it's Will he goes anyway. There after winning a game of pool, Will get's all cocky and take the challenge of another player. When Will loses, he finds out that he was hussled by the person he just played and the person in the first game. Owing the guy $500 dollars Will has no choice but to turn to Uncle Phil. So when Will, Phil, and Geoffrey go to the pool hall, Uncle Phil hussles the guy who beat Will, by making him think that he(Phil) stinks at pool, then raising the ante in another game, to not only pay back Will's debt but to gain and additional $900. All I can say was that this episode was awesome, funny and had one of the shows greatest moment, Phil hussling the husslers.moreless

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    • Philip (to the hustler, after beating him in pool by a landslide): Let this be a lesson to you. Don't mess with my boy again. You mess with him, you messin' with me.

    • (defeated, the hustler pays Philip)
      Philip (counting the money as it's paid to him): $600. $700. $800. $900.
      Homeless guy: And 10% for his manager.
      (Philip stares at him)
      Homeless guy: Oh, it gon' be like that, my brother? After you done had me up in yo' house.
      (he leaves)

    • Philip: A hard head makes for a soft behind.
      Will: So, you're gonna spank me?

    • Will: Uncle Phil, can you just pay him and let's go?
      Philip: No. No. No. I think I'm getting a lot better. Don't you?
      Hustler's friend: Oh, yeah. Much better.
      Homeless Guy: That's not the way I see it. You still stink.
      Geoffrey: I wouldn't talk.

    • Philip: We gotta get that car back.
      Will: Uncle Phil, you can't go down there alone. They got dudes down there that make you look like Webster.
      Geoffrey: If there are hooligans there, perhaps I should accompany you sir. In the early ages, I was sparring butler for Mr. Chuck Norris.

    • (episode's last lines)
      Will: And I also wanna thank you for winning my money back.
      Philip: Your money? I'll play you for it.

    • Will: All this legal stuff won't work. The only legal phrase these people understand is will the defendant please rise.

    • Will: Uncle Phil, how did you learn to shoot like that?
      Philip: Well, I spent some time at several pool halls in my days. That is why I didn't want you in one. You think I want to spoil your fun? I just want you to come home in one piece.

    • Philip: Let's play another game. I want another chance. Let's play another game.
      Will: Uncle Phil!
      Hustler: I don't know. You know, my time is very valuable. I couldn't possibly play another game without uppin' the ante.
      Philip: How much?
      Hustler: Let's say, a nice round figure, like, $100 a ball.
      Philip: $100 a ball?!
      Hustler: That's right, Uncle Phil.
      Philip: Okay, $100 a ball.
      Hustler: (chortles) You got yourself a game!
      Philip: (laughs) Geoffrey? Break out Lucille!
      (Geoffrey opens his jacket and breaks out Philip's pool cue, Lucille)

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