The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 4

Bourgie Sings the Blues

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1995 on NBC
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The thrill is gone for runaway yuppie Carlton, who can't handle another disappointment, let alone his long-awaited Princeton interview. Carlton acts up in his interview due to his nervousness.

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  • Hilarious episode

    The parts I really love the most were: Will telling Carlton about him being a Debby downer, The pappy singing about Will's words, Carlton scolding Ashley & Will and pappy claiming that the pool house is now his home. Funny episode.
  • Carlton is struggling

    Another episode in another better one. Surprisingly there is two stories. This doesn't happen often and even less often this close to a previous episode. The B Story was good but s good as last time there was a second story. Ashley has a party but things get out of control as they do when a teenager has a party. I am surprised that Will didn't do anything to stop it or have Phillp or Viv find out. I liked that Ashley tried to control the party a bit. If you are wondering why Carlton didn't do anything it's because he was going through a struggle himself and the biggest reason this episode was better then the last one.

    At the start of season 6, Carlton tries to get a job at Hilary's station doesn't get it and can't get his old job. From there it goes all downhill for him. Carlton decides to go to a bar but since this is Carlton he doesn't drink. He has an interview with a Princeton allum but chooses to for go it. Will steps in and it's pretty funny how he tries to dress and act as him. Looking back at his at the pilot Phillp says Will and Carlton were sometimes confused as brothers when they were younger and here he is dressed as Carlton. I also liked the moment when the Princeton allum said he knew Will's (but dressed as Carlton) dad. You can see the effect this has on Will. I also liked how Will got Carlton out of his funk.moreless
  • I like this show and especially this episode. The main reason why I like this particular episode is because Milo Ventimiglia guests stars in it. Now when this episode first came out I did not know who he was but I did research and found out that he guestmoreless

    I like this show and especially this episode. The main reason why I like this particular episode is because Milo Ventimiglia guests stars in it. Now when this episode first came out I did not know who he was but I did research and found out that he guest starred.
  • It's a fun episode to watch, yet it seems like something in the plot didn't click into place.

    An interesting point to note about this episode is the fact that Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv only appear during the teaser sequence. Although avid viewers will be used to Vivian having little to no appearance on a show, it's rare in the case of Philip.

    The plot on this episode doesn't seem to be as well connected as in most episodes. Carlton gets into a streak of bad luck and he gets depressed just in the day he has an interview with one of his father's former classmates, who can recommend him for admission to Princeton. I did like how Will makes his best effort to cheer his cousin up, all the way to tough love. But when Carlton gets into the bar, it remains unclear how Will finds out where he is. Who called in? Also, the scene when Pappy (B.B. King) comes to the pool house left me scratching my head, as it is not clear how he knew that's where Carlton lives.

    The sequence where Will impersonates Carlton with the guy from Princeton looked promising, but in the end it could’ve been funnier.moreless

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    • Will: Carlton, you would never guess who we got to go on Hilary's show.
      Carlton: So there's no sense in me playing now is there?

    • Will: What's wrong man?
      Carlton: Would you look? Red, yellow, brown, green, that's the way I understood it to be. But now, blue. Has the world gone mad!
      Will: They're just M&M's, C.

    • Ashley: Excuse me, no one is allowed upstairs!
      Party Guest: Relax, Ash. We're just taking a tour!

    • (Carlton comes in wearing a canary yellow sweater vest)
      Carlton: Will, how do I look?
      Will: That depends. Are you going as Archie or Jughead?

    • Carlton: I've applied to be a Big Brother!
      Will: Now, why would you do that? You certainly ain't big, and as far as being a brother... (Laughs)

    • Ashley:(on the phone) Yeah, sure, bring anybody you want. Music? There is gonna be wall-to-wall music!
      Will: What do you think you're doing, young lady?
      Ashley: Well, my parents are out of town, I have the house to myself, I'm throwing a party!
      Carlton:(walks by in a tattered bathrobe) The world's throwing a party!

    • (Carlton is making an energy shake)
      Carlton: I have my Princeton interview this weekend, and I need to be sharp, ready, regular.
      Will: Ain't nothing gonna make you regular, man.

    • Will:(Mimicking Carlton) "My sweater shrunk!" "My grades are low!" "My head's too small for my body!"
      Carlton: It is?!

    • (Will has tracked Carlton down in a bar)
      Will:(to Carlton) Yeah, I had it real easy. Growing up in the projects...
      Papi:(singing) Growing up in the projects!
      Will: Never knowing if I was gonna have enough money...
      Papi:(singing) Never had a dime!
      Will: Thinking I would never see my father again...
      Papi:(singing) He left and never came back!
      Will:(to Carlton) Excuse me. (to Papi) Uh Papi, why don't you take a nap-py?

    • Carlton: (talking on the phone) What do you mean I didn't get the job? ...Budget problems? But I was volunteering!

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