The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 12

Boxing Helena

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 1996 on NBC

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  • Will at the gym

    This was the first episode in the new year which would be the final year of the series. As with the season premiere. this was not the best start. This was a bad episode just definitely a great one. Will along with Carlton, Hilary, and Nicky decide to go the gym. Hilary uses the gym to tan, Will to pick up chicks, and Carlton to actually work out. Nicky was there to learn to box. Will has some trouble with a picking up a women who was actually the same person who was teaching Nicky to box. Cue music. Will doesn't take her seriously as a boxer and ends up fighting her or more accurately, she beats him up. The reaction of Will was pretty funny. What was also good about this episode was the trainer for Carlton. I like that no beach watch references were brought up and the character was completely different from the one you saw on Baywatch. Later on Will has a dream where he gets beat up by many different women. Ignoring the fact that when he was thrown, that is was a doll it was pretty amusing. This leads Will to confront her where she tries to beat him again only to have Will stop her. This should not viewed as something offensive as man over powering a women. They eventually date and this is where the episode is downgraded. You don't see her again. While she was not as good as Lisa I do wish she would've been in more episodes. The second story while funny with Ashley at the corn dog store could've been longer. The part where the tourists came was amusing.

    While this episode was not as good as others it was better then the start of this season.
  • This episode was really funny.

    I liked this episode because it had a female boxer. Will and Carlton go to the gym. Carlton gets a personal trainer who works him to death, but he doesn't say anything because he is scared of him(the trainer). Will sees the female boxer teaching Nickie. He interferes and she(female boxer) doesn't like that.He makes a statement that she dosen't like and she gives him a jab. Then she keeps giving him jabs for a while. He still doesn't hit her because she is a female.Then he becomes the joke of the gym, home, and everywhere he goes. Then he starts having nightmares about being hit by all of these women.Now he knows something has to be done.When he goes back to the gym, she walks up to him and tries to hit him, but it doesn't work. He catches her hands before she can hit him. Then they go on a date and the episode is over.