The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 8

Boyz in the Woods

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1992 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Philip takes Will and Carlton on a camping trip that turns out to be a disaster when snow traps the unhappy campers. How will they survive? What do they find? What do they burn to stay warm?

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  • What an awesome episode

    You know what? This is what I love about this show. Episodes like this. Episodes that deal with more jokes than story. I mean, Will's story was just getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and having to survive whilst Hilary's was just spending time at home.

    This allows for more jokes and so on and this is just hilarious. Btw, Jazz makes another appearance here and its just classical!moreless
  • Phillp takes Will and Carlton camping

    I think this one of the best episodes of the early season. It was nice to step away from the pending election Phillp would have with Judge Robinson. Even the B Story was good. Jazz has always had a thing for Hilary and I think this episode was important in Hilary setting Jazz straight or trying to. I like how Trevor didn't care that Hilary was not in makeup and still wanted to be with her. His scene with Jazz was funny.

    The first storyline was the best (as it should be). Carlton had one of the best lines in the series in his standpoint. ("Silly Rabbits tricks are for kids.") What I liked best about it was that you didn't see it coming at all. Will reaction to Phillp burning the money was priceless. I also thought it was funny that you could see he already put some of the money in his pants. There was a very sweet moment with Will and Phillp when he made the speech about the roller skate. I think that after the camping trip Will and Phillp's relationship took a step forward. On a small side note, I liked the reporter at the end. He played the part of the principal in Boston Public, one of my favorite series. Sorry had to say that. Getting back on track.

    This was an overall solid episode.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince philp wants to take will and carlton on a camping trip like his father used to take him but thing happens is they get snowed in the cave and there stuck then will goes off exploring in the cave turns out theres like 25 or 50,000 dollars in the bag and will is holding on to the money for dear life then philp tells him they may have to burn the money to stay alive or they may die. turns out it was a competiton to find the money and they won but the money got burned but will kept some this was a funny epmoreless
  • Hilarious episode!!!!

    When Will, Carlton, and Phillip are trapped in the woods they don't have many supplies. Will finds a bag with 50,000 just as the fire they started starts to go out. Will counts the money and lies and says there is 25,000. Carlton and Phillip convince Will to burn the money and even though Will is not happy about it he agrees. In the morning just as they are leaving a camera crew shows up and tells them they won the contest because they found 50,000 dollars. Carlton and Phillip ask Will and he says he must have counted wrong. At the end of the episode Will walks away with the rest of the money in his pants. This is a good and very funny episode!moreless
  • Boyz In The Woods

    This episode is just classic Fresh Prince comedy and truly proves why the show is so entertaining, Will's connection with the money and Phil's denial being great character traits throughout the episode.

    Carlton's reaction to the whole situation is also terrific, being scared that he will never get to make fun of the college kids on financial aid amd having the horrible flashback of the rude kids in a cereal commercial (which I didn't fully understand since Trix is neither a commercial nor a cereal in Australia but was still hilarious when it was explained).

    Overall this is truly one of the most memorable episodes of the Fresh Prince and with good reason.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Will finds the money and is about to go to sleep, he says Goodnight Abe. Goodnight Alexander. And can't forget about you, Ben! referencing Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin whose pictures are on the 5, 10, and 100 dollar bills respectively. His next line is I'm sleeping with the presidents; however, two of these three (Hamilton and Franklin) were never presidents.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Carlton walks in in an adventure suit)
      Will: Carlton, you look like Webster on a safari.

    • Carlton:(about Philip driving) Dad knows exactly what he is doing. Do you think anybody would drive by the same tree seven times on purpose?

    • Philip: We'll hop a ride to the nearest gas station. We use to do it a lot in the 60's.
      Will: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Uncle Phil, could you take a stroll into the 90's please? We are three black men on the side of a mountain road. The only people that's gonna stop are gonna have on sheets and be say'n stuff like "get um, Jim Bob."

    • Philip: Get out of the car.
      Will: But, you just...
      Philip: GET OUT OF THE DAMN CAR!

    • (It begins to snow in the woods)
      Philip: Let's look on the bright side, ok? This'll give us a perfect opportunity to pull together and show what we're made of.
      Will: Does Bigfoot have to come down here with a chain saw before you admit we're in trouble?

    • Geoffrey: My Uncle Redging always insisted that the woods were safer than the city until the day he died.
      Will: How did he die?
      Geoffrey: He was eaten by wolves.

    • Carlton: For a long time it gave me nightmares, having to witness an injustice like that. It shows you just how cruel this world can be. I can still hear them taunting him. "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids." Why couldn't they just give him some cereal?!

    • Carlton: (speaking into his tape recorder) Carlton's log. My cousin has finally lost his nerves. I, on the other hand, have the strength of a thousand men.
      Will: Will's log. (pulls a tree branch off the ground) is about to connect with Carlton's head!

    • Trevor: How dare you. Do you have any idea who I am?
      Jazz: A really bad cook?

    • Trevor: I've never been insulted in my life! Blind people recognize me!

    • Carlton: Then we'll freeze to death! I don't wanna die! I wanna go to college and poke fun at all the kids on financial aid! I wanna see Karate Kid 17!

    • Philip: Will, I thought you said you secured the camping equipment onto the top of the car.
      Will: But I did... oh shoot, this ain't the Volvo!

    • Carlton: Dad wake up we made it!
      Phil: Vivian, Vivian I'm not a machine!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Carlton: I wanna see Karate Kid 17!

      Carlton mentions the Karate Kid movie series, which only lasted four films. Eighteen years later, Will Smith would produce the 2010 remake of the first Karate Kid movie, with his son, Jaden, in the lead role.

    • Carlton: For a long time it gave me nightmares, it shows that the world can sometimes be cruel. I can still hear them taunting him. Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids. Why couldn't they just give him some cereal?!
      Trix Rabbit was the mascot of the General Mills breakfast cereal, Trix since the 1960s. The commercials featured a rabbit who didn't like the conventional foods that rabbits ate. The Rabbit's love for the raspberry red, lemon yellow, orange orange taste of Trix cereal forced him to disguise of all sorts to beg, borrow or steal Trix from the neighborhood children. Unfortunately, all his work ended with the same negative reply, Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids!. During the election year of 1976, a campaign was launched to see if the Rabbit should finally get some get Trix. Children wrote letters and voted 99% in favor of letting the rabbit eat his heart's desire. The Rabbit was awarded a whole bowl of Trix.

    • Title: Boyz in the Woods
      This title is a pun on the 1991 movie Boyz N da Hood staring Laurence Fishburne, Cuba Gooding Jr.. and Ice Cube.

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