The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 15

Breaking Up is Hard To Do (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 1996 on NBC
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Breaking up may not be so hard to do for an angry Vivian, but when Philip finds he's lost without her. Life is not the same with the two of them apart. Will and Carlton conspire to reunite them. Will Carlton and Will succeed in their plan?moreless

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  • Phillp in politics part 2

    At the end of the last episode Viv leaves the house to be with her sister when Phillp join political field. This episode was the follow up from it. This episode was not the best considering how it ended. First of all all you never know what field Phillp is entering. I think it's governor. Second of all there were never any signs this marriage was in trouble until the last episode. When Mad About You on the air the producers did a good job of having Jamie and Paul marriage in trouble in season 4. I know that Phillp and Viv are not main characters but something else could've happened to give you signs. Phillp was kind of a jerk in this episode. He didn't seem sorry until the end. The dreams everyone had that if Phillp and Viv broke up were pretty funny. Geoffrey's was the best. Another good part was the songs, Will, Helen, and Carlton sang were amusing. The last song was the funniest. This episode had some flaws and I think that this could've been done better considering how it ended last time.moreless
Renee Tenison

Renee Tenison


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Judy Gillett

Judy Gillett

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Pancho Demmings

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    • Philip: How has your stay with Aunt Helen been?
      Nicky: It's been great. Shes teaching me all kinds of cool stuff, fat head.

    • Helen: Wait. Where you guys going? We got one more number.
      Will: Yeah. Hold up. Come back here.
      Carlton: Day oh
      Helen: Day oh
      Will: Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay
      Carlton: Is a day oh
      Helen: Is a day oh
      Will: Brr ba bla
      Brr ba bla
      Helen and Carlton: Is a day oh
      Daylight come and me wanna come home.
      Will: (More tribal noises)

    • Vivian: I can't tell you how happy I am you're giving up politics.
      Philip: I never said I was giving up politics.
      Vivian: Yes you did,
      Philip: No I didn't. I said I was sorry for not including you in my decision to enter politics. I never said anything about not entering.
      Vivian: You came all the way down here and nothing has changed?!
      Philip: Vivian, I know that you don't love politics, but...
      Vivian: This is not about politics! Its about US!
      Philip: What are you talking about?
      Vivian: I want what I thought we wanted all the time. And now all of a sudden, you want something completely different.
      Philip: Vivian I came all the way down here, I said I was sorry, I said I was wrong. Now what more do you want from me?
      Vivian: Right now, I want you to leave!
      Philip: If I leave, I'm not coming back Vivian.
      Vivian: Good.
      Philip: B-because once I leave out that door, I'm gone.......I'm moving closer to the door Vivian. This is your last chance....I mean it!
      Helen:(from up the stairs) Oh for God's sake, would you leave already?!

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