The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 15

Bullets Over Bel-Air

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 1995 on NBC
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Episode Summary

A planned camping trip is cut short for Carlton and Will when a robber approaches them at an automated bank-teller machine and fires a gun. Who will get shot?

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • The third episode where Will has a breakdown

    Sometimes, I hate how every episode started out something funny, then ended it with something very sad (even though it's serious). I guess Will hates seeing his cousin in-trouble with the law. He was right about what he said to Carlton that no matter how cruel the world can be, you can't do anything you know you'll regret. Good episode by the way.
  • A highlight of the season and of the show

    This episode proves that a comedy show isn't always about humor. Sometimes a lot of heart and emotion are needed to further strengthen elements of the show and this episode defines the friendship and brotherly love between Will and Carlton. Even then, this episode perfectly blends in humor with emotion. Will Smith grew to be one of the great actors, a truly fantastic performance in this episode
  • Will is shot at an ATM

    Will. Phillp, and Carlton go on another camp trip and again it ends badly. I will get to that later. It was funny how stuff they all bring on the trip. Strange how a little accident causes a big one.

    The scene at the ATM after Will gets the money was one the most scariest in the series. In other episodes when something bad would happen it was played as funny. This time it wasn't and if it was, it would have ruined a great episode. Even though he got shot, Will's funny bone is not affected. I am glad the producers did this. My favorite was how Will played Ashley. Even though this was planned is advance, I am glad Will's mom was part of this episode. It was nice to see her and Lisa bond. Despite a brave face, you see that Will is really affected by this when he is sleeping. Like when Will met his dad in season 4, Carlton's work in this episode was almost just as good. His acting was brilliant and might have been the best in the series.

    Before I talk about the ending, two funny moments are the start when Nicky asks why Ashley doesn't shave and Jazz's gift to Will.

    The ending was emotional as it could get. It was probably in the top three if not number 2. This is definitely a must watch episode.moreless

    will got shot but was damn funny when he was in the hospital room
  • The family is going on a camping trip but the night before at an ATM Will is shot. Carlton decides that he wasn\'t going to be a victim anymore and buys a gun. Will in his hospital bed immediatley makes Carlton give him the gun and is reduced to tears.moreless

    I just finished watching it and I would have to say that was the most emotional episode of that show and I have seen nearly every episode.

    And this may seem dumb but I teared up a little bit. And before tonight only two other things have made me cry, my grandmother’s viewing/funeral and my doctor saying I may never play football again (but I am playing again).

    It was just really weird how this show that I grew up with can capture you in that way. It was so good that I had trouble sleeping last night. Really powerful episode.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Viola came to the hospital to see Will after Will is shot. Viola came from Philadelphia to Los Angeles in a short time, less than 3 hours. Coming from Philadelphia to Los Angeles by plane would take 6 hours plus driving from Viola's house to the airport and then from the LA airport to the hospital would add one hour more. So how Viola came to LA in a very short time?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Lisa: How are you feeling?
      Will: You know how they say a paper cut is the worst pain? Eeh! Eeh! Wrong!

    • Philip: Carlton, I know you're upset. You've been through a very traumatic experience. Now if you just calm down, we can talk about this rationally.
      Carlton: You're always in control, aren't you? Always know what to do, always know what to say. But you know what gets me? The police aren't even gonna find this guy and even if they do, so what? He'll be out on the street in 6 months.
      Philip: That's not going to happen.
      Carlton: Come on dad, it's happened to guys you've put away!
      Philip: Look, the legal system isn't perfect.
      Carlton: Go talk to Will about the legal system! It's such a joke, people aren't even afraid of it.
      Philip: Carlton, look, I'm frustrated too. But as a judge, I have to have faith in it, not matter how much I might wanna to go out and knock some heads. Eventually, the system will come through.
      Carlton: I'm all grown up, Dad. Don't tell me anymore fairy tales.

    • Will: (after being shot at the bank) Well, from now on I'm doing all my banking through the mail. It'll be my luck I get a hostile postal worker.

    • Philip: We can see Will, but we have to go right home after that.
      Vivian: Why?
      Philip: Well, apparently we're driving the nursing staff crazy.
      (Hilary and a nurse walk into the room)
      Hilary: I still don't understand, why do I need medication? And what is Prozac? Do you really think I need it? I feel fine.

    • (Packing for a camping trip)
      Will: Carlton, why are we taking wood?
      Carlton: Hello, camp fire.

    • Nicky: Why do you shave and Ashley doesn't?
      Will: Well, you know, because guys grow beards and some women don't.

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