The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 16

Bundle of Joy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1993 on NBC
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Episode Summary

As Vivian's delivery date approaches, the family fantasizes about what the baby will mean to each of them: Ashley feels all but invisible, Geoffrey feels overwhelmed by the family's demands, and Vivian feels like she's having triplets.

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  • Dreams and Dreams and Dreams about the baby

    I liked the dream sequences in this episode, mainly the one with Ashley. Her dream sequence is that as the baby is born, she is pretty much erased from the existence of the family. She is all but invisible to the family and no one can hear her or see her. The part where the family try to guess if anyone heard Ashley speak andthey start guessing ridiculous names, only for Will to guess the right name and for the family to say

    Geoffrey's dream sequence was funny when we see what he believes life may be like after the baby is born is priceless!

    The ending to the episode is extremely funny and despite being a pointless storywise episode, it is again filled with jokes that are well dispersed from start to finishmoreless
  • Everyone dreams about what happens when the baby comes

    This was a better episode from the last one. I enjoyed all the families stories. I also like that Ashley got jealous. I also think it was funny Geoffrey lied to the family for his benefit. What the family did to revive Phillp was great. My favorite part was Geoffrey's story. The only bad part I didn't like was hearing all the family complaints in Geoffrey's Story. The ending was nice.moreless
  • Bundle of Joy

    The imaginations of what the baby will be like are all terrific and well scripted in this episode, especially Geoffrey’s and Hilary’s, and also has some great jealousy humour of Ashley not being the youngest anymore which pays off in the end.

    Geoffrey’s twin prank, Carlton’s miming and Will’s cassette recording are all hilarious additions to the episode and really make it an entertaining watch, the bonus character predictions being a very welcome addition too, Will’s perfect family getting on his nerves, Ashley being invisible, Hilary having a slave and Geoffrey having a crisis.

    Overall, this is an episode not to be missed whether it’s for Carlton’s inheritance worries or Phil’s reaction to the twins announcement.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Carlton says with twins they would have to split the inheritance four ways but there's, Carlton, Hilary, Ashley, and the two babies. Even without Will, Vivian, and Philip, it's 5 people.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Shantay: Did you have a hard day shooting the naked centerfold models?
      Will: Yeah, today we shot Latoya Jackson. I had to keep turning off the lights because she was melting.
      Shantay: Poor baby, why don't you glue yourself to the TV, completely ignore me and play Nintendo until you're too tired to make love to me?
      Will: You mean you don't mind?
      Shantay: Have I ever? I'm perfect.

    • Will: I want to have a lot of kids, like six, and have them all right after another.
      Carlton: Will, they're babies, not malt liquor.
      Will: Shut up Carlton, before we send you back to the white family that left you here.

    • Ashley: I bet you never did all this stuff when you had me. You probably smoked cigarettes and took up horseback riding until the day you had me.
      Vivian: Ashley, we took the same precautions with you that we did with Hilary and Carlton.
      Will: Oh, bungee jumping.

    • Will: Hey Ash, say something to the baby. (Ashley blows a raspberry) Care to elaborate?
      Ashley: Plenty.
      Will: (into the recorder) Don't worry, she's just upset cuz she found out she ain't adopted.

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