The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 1

Burnin' Down the House

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 1995 on NBC

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  • Season 6 starts

    This was a season that was not supposed to happen. The ending of the season 5 was not something that I was fan of. My expectations for this episode and the season were not high. Even with of all of that the start of season 6 was well . . . . . . not bad. My biggest complaint about this was no acknowledgement of what happened with Lisa. And not to spoil things but there was no acknowledgement of this all season. Any reference at all I think was when Will on the couch being sad. I think he was upset but not just because that Carlton was away. I have said this before but if Carlton was away on vacation in season 2 Will would be happy. Another objection about this episode was the fire itself. Why didn't Phillip or anyone find out about this before? Also why didn't the house smell or how nothing else was damaged? Since this was a dinner why didn't Phillip say something to Will about the food since he knows a thing or two about this. Another thing I didn't like was Will screwing up again. Yes this is Will but you would think at this point he would learn better or at least have it be less of a mistake.

    There were some good things about this episode. The camp Carlton on was pretty funny. The ride back was even better. The person in charge of deciding of whether Phillip would be the judge of a new trial remained me a bit of Judge Carl Robinson but on a lesser scale. I also appreciated Will's reaction to the chicken. My favorite part was when Phillip had Will in a headlock for three days. So this was not the best way to start the season but it still had some moments.

  • This episode has almost all what it takes to be a smash hit, but the scene about the flambé disaster wasn't believable enough.

    Acting was good and the plot was excellent: Phillip invites an influential judge to dinner but Will burns the kitchen down while trying to cook a flambé. The way Will, Ashley and Hilary try to keep Phillip from knowing about the kitchen disaster is hilarious and I also found cool the side story of Carlton's odd journey back home.

    What kept me from giving an A grade to this episode was that they missed points during the fire scene because it could've been more believable. If they had to have a fire extinguisher there (probably for safety precautions in case the scene went wrong in real life), they could've shown Will attempting to use the extinguisher, but not being able to get the thing to work. Also, how did the fire managed to spread evenly throughout the whole kitchen area, including the dinner table, yet the fire didn't spread past the kitchen - not a single burn mark in the living room. I'd expect the fire to torch the stove counter and the nearby cabinets and fridge in the back, but not to go all the way throughout the kitchen.
  • It put me on the edge of my seat because of the fire. The commercial breaks were painful to wait through.

    I liked it. This episode was good but I think it would have been better if they had actually shown the fire burning down the house. They just skip from the scene when Will's sweater catches on fire to when the kitchen is all burned up. Also, the visiting judge must have been kind of dumb to not know that the chicken was soaked in water right before he ate it.