The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 17

Community Action

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1992 on NBC

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  • Not so good

    This again, does not satisfy me in comparison to Season 1. Here, Hilary does community service and meets a doctor whom she falls in love but he only treats her as a friend. Here, I could tell the twist at the end. Its the same twist in everything; The guy already has a girlfriend. This twist is the most overused twist I've ever come across. Its not funny

    Aside from a few giggles, the plot of the episode sucked and it really didn't interestme
  • Hilary does connuity service

    Another quality episode. By Fresh Price standards it was average, but an average episode from this series is a good one. It's interesting to see Hilary fall for the guy but the guy show no interest in her. It was funny to see her try to impress him. The scene with Hilary and the old man were one of the best. While you find out the doctor has a girl friend.. the doctor does not come off as a jerk or his girl friend bad for him. While at the party, you see Will try to pick up on some of the women and is unsuccessful. I liked the scene where the female doctor is telling Will about the different surgeries she does. It was also funny seeing Jazz live the Banks family. It would go how you expect.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince hillery is orderd to do community service at a health clinic and when she shows up its not what she thought it would be its even worser and she wants to leave and she cant deal with sick people at all and the nurses think she is stuck up alot but she falls for a doctor that is very handsom and she always wants to go work for the doctor they hit it off but its not what she thougt at all turns out he already has a girlfriend and she was just friend the whole time this was good ep
  • Community Action

    Hillary trying to impress the doctor is a very entertaining plot but Jazz living with the Banks is even more hilarious, with great scenes such as the briefcase in the trash compactor and Jazz not wanting Hillary’s guest to stay since there isn’t enough food for one more.

    Hillary’s attempt to look intelligent is very amusing and Jazz thinking she was a different person was terrific and something only Jazz’s character could do.

    The end was a bit weird because even if he wasn’t married, the amount of times he was asked, you’d think he would have mention he had a girlfriend but the last scene, as usual has the comedic and familiar ending of Jazz getting kicked out of the house, ending the episode in a very good way.
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