The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 1

Did the Earth Move For You?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 1991 on NBC

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  • Season 2 was off to a mediocre start

    I loved pretty much every episode of Season 1 and when it was time to start Season 2 I was dead excited. Reading the plot for this episode, it seemed interesting and very promising to be quite a dramatic/funny episode but in the end, I found the episode to be, in honest terms, quite stupid.

    The episode is about Will discovering more about his new girlfriend that make him dislike her but all that happens is that he realizes she wears a wig and so on. This episode could've been a whole lot more than just that. It was a massive disappointment.

    I also found the girl in this episode quite annoying. It made me dislike the episode all the more. In fact, I only liked less than the first half of the episode was when they were referring to the Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Big disappointment for me with a few good laughs. Disappointing plot and attempted to try too hard with little success
  • Season 2 Premire

    While I have liked this episode, like the season 1 ending, I thought this was lacking. I think it needed a stronger storyline. I did enjoy seeing Will's girlfriend going from normal to crazy. This episode also showed that Will actually wants a girlfriend and not just to date random girls. Like most teen relationships this one ended as fast it started. I also enjoyed seeing Geoffrey act when he was not originally going to the awards show. In Season one, this would not bother him. While not a great start, this episode was is worth watching.
  • this ep was classic

    in this ep of the fresh prince will has been calling this girl named cathleen alot and he thinks he is really in love with her and philp has big news he has tickets to the awards and there going to be sitting next to arnold and other famous celbs and jeffery really wants to go and there is another problem philp and vivan think will is moving to fast and should slow down and when it comes time to go philp forgets the tickets and needs to go back to his work to get them so philp and vivan go and carlton ashley and hilery and jeffry go in another car while will and cathleen go down to the basement turns out while down there two earth quakes happen it was really funny cuz will finds out that cathleen had fake hair and fake nails and other stuff the parents come and find will and ask were is cathleen she is in a pile over there will says lol
  • Genius

    Maybe not genius, but a funny episode to watch. Will and Kathleen are practically in love with each other without knowing each other well, until they get stuck in a basement during an earthquake. I like how the episode was plotted, and it was hilarious how Will was under a table, shaking and holding his old teddy bear. I liked how he made fun of Kahtleen being fake and wearing fake stuff. In the end, they both realized they were moving too fast, and Will admits that Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian were right. I liked the ending line: "Will admitted we were right, and all it took was an earthquake." Well, I don't know if that's exactly it, but a good episode nevertheless.
  • Hilarious!

    I love this episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"! I think the scenes with Will stuck in the basement are hilrious! Especially, when he's hiding under the table, hugging a teddy bear. That was so funny. I also like the song he sings:

    " I'm stuck in a basement, sitting on a tricycle, girl gettin on my nerves. Goin out of my mind, I thought she was fine, dont know if her body is hers."

    I crack up everytime I hear that! And I like when Kathleen rips off her fake fingernails and lays them in Wil's hand. The look on his face is priceless. Will Smith is hilarious! Especially in this episode.
  • This episode was one of the funniest episodes of this show, I've ever seen and I've seen almost every episode in the series.

    This episode was so funny! Especially Will's many remarks about Kathleen and her removable body parts.

    He sings a song:
    "I'm stuck in a basement sitting on a tricycle, girl gettin' on my nerves. Going out of my mind, I thought she was fine, don't know if her body is her's."

    Another one is:
    "O.k., look Kathleen. In the past three hours, you've taken out your eyeballs, your fingernails, your eyelids, and your hair. Now what else on your body can I get at the mall?!"

    I liked the song the best, but my favorite quote is:
    Kathleen: If you even mention those breath mints one more time, I'm gonna scream!
    Will: Breath mints. Breath mints. Breath mints! Breath mints! Breath mints!
    (Kathleen screams)
    Will: And your mama sucks breath mints, too!

    This is another great installment of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air series and on my top ten favorite episodes list.
  • I’m stuck in a basement, sitting on a tricycle, girl getting on my nerves, going out of my mind I thought she was fine, don’t know if her body is hers.

    Such a funny episode. It makes you realise that you don’t know if you like a person after you’ve been stuck in them a basement after a earthquake, they have removed many parts of their physical appearance and eaten all you breath mints. Did the earth move for you? Wasn’t a deep thinking episode or meant to teach you a lesson about life it was just made for sheer entertainment with no point to it, just like many of the other episodes and that’s no bad thing. It made me laugh and I could watch it over and over again.
  • Will and his girfriend are trapped in an attic after an earthquake comes. Leaving Geoffery, Ashley,and Hilary stuck on the road. And Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian at his office. While they were all on thier way to a very special awards showin which Will's gi

    This episode is kind of like a completely new show. The house is different, and Will is different. Personally, this is one of my favorite episodes. I didn't like the first season but this episode made me want to watch the rest of the series. I definitely give this episode a good review.
  • well written to the point of no return.

    this episode was hands down just insanely well written to a t. It was simple yet amazing. The fat that he saw her as a different girl when they were stuck in a situation like that was just hilarious. The rap the breath mints, every part of that script was so well written it was insane. Sitcoms just dont get written like this anymore and its really too bad. This was by far the best executed stuck in a basement sitcom I have ever seen - and tisha campbell as a guest really did well. You can\\\'t get episodes like this anymore.
  • Did the Earth Move For You

    In this episode we see a very funny side of Will where he is scared which is very entertaining, huddled under a desk with his teddy from Philly. Kathleen was also a hilarious character, especially her interaction with Will and the body parts that weren’t technically attached prompting a great song from Will.

    As learnt in Science, every action has a reaction and this is shown in one of the other plots where Geoffrey drives the kids and in turn the kids drive Geoffrey… crazy! This is very funny and has some great Geoffrey lines such as “it was either the knob or one of you”.

    While Phil and Vivian’s plot had some good lines, it wasn’t particularly entertaining and the other two are definitely better.

    From the phone conversation with Will’s mother to the breath mints, this is a great season two premiere for the Fresh Prince.
  • This episode is great. Will and his girlfriends are trapped in the basement while a big earthquake occurs.

    This episdoe is great. It is the first epsiode of the second season. Will and his girlfriend are trapped inside the basement during a earthquake. Everyone else was going to the peoples choice awards. I liked this episode. It has a lot of parts that I thought were funny. You should see this episode. You can have more of a chance seeing this episode now because it is on the season 2 DVD.
  • An earthquake traps Will and his girlfriend in the basement of the house, Hilary, Carlton, Ashley, and Geoffrey in traffic, and Phillip and Vivian downtown is his office.

    This episode was a really funny one. I liked the parts where Vivian couldn't figure out how to use the new appliances, Geoffrey and the Banks are stuck in traffic, and when Will discovers Kathleen's hair is fake. Out of a 10 this episode gets a 9.5, it's really funny.