The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 19

Eyes on the Prize

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1992 on NBC



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    • Vivian: Philip, drop the wrench and step away from the sink.
      Philip: Why does everybody act like I'm dangerous when I'm trying to fix something?
      Vivian: Have you forgotten the toaster incident sweetie? Geoffrey hasn't.
      Philip: How was I supposed to know a piece of whole wheat would scratch a man's cornia?

    • Will: You're not still mad at each other about the watch thing?
      Tyriq: He sold me a fake rollet.
      Jazz: You paid with a fake twenty.
      Will: Now first of all, you(Tyriq) should have known it was fake when you saw that the warranty was only for two hours. And you(Jazz) should have known that the Jackson on a twenty ain't Jermaine.

    • Vivian: Whose gonna be your partner?
      Will: Kellogg Liberbaum. He's the smartest dude in school. He's gonna call me on the car phone at eight, that is if Uncle Phil doesn't try to fix it.
      Philip: That's it! The next person to mention the phone gets a boot in their behind!
      (Jazz walks in)
      Jazz: Mr.Banks, your phone is broken.
      (Jazz is thrown out of the house)

    • Bob: What is the capital of Ohio?
      (Tyriq buzzes in)
      Bob: Tyriq.
      Tyriq: That would be the capital 'O', Bob.

    • Bob: Will and Jazz, if you would please, take your places in our soundproof booth.
      Will: Wait. That joint ain't gonna fill up with water or nothin', Bob, is it?
      Bob: Not this week.

    • Will: I think Anut Viv put the ring-dings in the cabnit over here.
      Uncle Phil: The sink is busted, and I'm trying to fix it, Will.
      Will: Wait, Wait, Uncle Phil, no. Geoffrey's eyebrows just grew back from the time you tried to fix the stove, man.

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  • Allusions

    • Will: He has Bette Davis eyes.
      This is an allusion to the 1981 Kim Carnes song entitled "Bette Davis Eyes."