The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 25

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 15, 1995 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Just before the wedding, as tempers heat up between Vy and Fred, Will gets cold feet about marrying Lisa whom he feels he may not really know. He will go through with the wedding as he is not the one with cold feet.

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  • Great Season 5 finale with lots of enjoyment

    What a great episode especially the stuff with Vy and Fred. I loved how Lisa and Will finally decide to get married and how the story progresses from there. The Vy and Fred story was the best of the episode and Will's reaction to them sleeping was just hilarious!!! His acting is amazing here but its shocking how after the ***Spoilers***rejection to marriage by Lisa, how she never appears in all of season 6! I mean, they just ignore her character, what???

    Other than that, awesome!!!moreless
  • Season 5 Finale

    So it has come to this. Will has met Lisa and they hit it off. After getting shot he realizes that life is important and proposes to her and Lisa says yes. After Phillp is opposed he comes to realize they are in love. After they go through counseling they move up the wedding from September to May. Will hits it off with Lisa's dad and things are going smoothly. And now is the wedding of Will. The wedding is well I will get to that.

    I liked the start with the wedding card with Geoffrey narrating. Will's mom and Lisa's dad meet for the first time although they don't realize it they met on the airplane. Their time together was memorable and funny. After things get rough between them they hook up. Will's reaction was priceless and understandable. It was hilarious that Carlton thought Vy and Fred were in a pajama party. It's no surprise that Jazz is now single. There were signs in previous episodes. This leads Will to have some doubts about the wedding. Will tries to talk to anyone about this but is unable until he sees Lisa right before the wedding. It turns out that Lisa has doubts too. After they talk you are lead to believe that the wedding happens.

    The wedding is one of the reasons why this episode gets downgraded. Yes maybe they should have gotten married later. I also wish there were more signs that this wedding wasn't going to happen with the last two episodes. Call me boring but I wanted a regular wedding. I also wish that this episode was an hour. But since it didn't happen it was probably best it was 30 minutes. Another complaint about this episode was that this wasn't followed up in the next season. I did like the ending with the women speaking. I think it was a sign season 6 was coming.moreless

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    • Will: (last line of the season) Y'all come back now, y'hear?

    • Will: Your name IS Lisa, right?
      Lisa: Well it is now, I just couldn't stand going through the rest of my life with everybody going 'Hey Beula!'

    • Will: Hortenze? I thought your wife's name was Jewel.
      Jazz: Just one of many lies. I found out she slept with every man in my building.
      Will: She had sex with all of them?
      Jazz: She did? This just gets worse.

    • (Will and Carlton are poking through Will & Lisa's wedding gifts)
      Will: Oooh, I wonder what's in here?
      (Will drops and breaks the gift)
      Carlton: Probably something that has to be replaced.
      Will: Ahh-ah, looka here, looka here. Look at these cute little money-sized en-vell-lopes. (Pulling out cash) BOOM-BYA! This is one of my favorite presents: Ben Franklin! (Talking to the $100 bill) Excuse me Ben, allow me to show you to your seat.....
      (Will inserts the bill into his back pocket and spanks it)

    • (After Will announces that the wedding is called off)
      Fred: You wait a minute, now, just hold you horses! Vy, I thought that a man had only one chance at happiness. Then I met you. We met at 10,000 feet in the air, and if you marry me baby, I promise you that neither of us will ever come down.
      Vy: I will......if my son will give me away.
      Will: Naw mom, now hold up. Yall were just telling us that we were moving too fast, now look at you! You need to take some time to think about this!
      Fred: The boy's right.
      Vy: Yeah.
      Fred: Did you think about it?
      Vy: Yeah.
      Fred: Me too, let's get married.

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    • The title of this episode For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll Bares a Resemblance to For Whom The Bells Toll a song written by the American Heavy Metal band Metallica.

    • The title of this episode makes reference to a book written by Ernest Hemingway called For Whom The Bells Tolls.