The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 9

Fresh Prince After Dark

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 1993 on NBC

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  • Hilary poses in a magazine

    As with previous episodes, when this show does a serious one in the last episode, they don't try to follow it up with a better one. That doesn't mean it was bad it just nice they did a funny one. When Hilary had a chance to pose in Playboy, Carlton and Phillp try to stop it, but she goes because it's her choice with Will's support. As far as I can tell I think part of this show was shoot at the actual Playboy Manson. I also think some of the models were Playboy models as well. If none of that is true the set dressers did a good job. It's funny that Jazz has everyone thinks he is famous celebrity. I also like that the actual Hugh Hefner was in this episode. I don't think another actor could play his role. Another good thing is that the name Playboy was used. I really liked the ending when Phillp was in the church.
  • Fresh Prince After Dark

    Hillary is a brilliant character to have a plot around and she has been the centre of many hilarious episodes, this one being one of her finest as she poses for Playboy in a plot that could only be used in the Fresh Prince style of comedy, the end being very surreal with Philip as a monk and Will bringing the magazine that usually brings pleasure but is expected to bring discomfort. Of course fortunately for the family (and unfortunately for male viewers) Hillary is covered up.

    Will at the Playboy mansion was always bound to bring laughs and when you add Carlton and Jazz, you know it’s going to be a cracker of an episode.
  • What more is there to say than "Playboy Mansion".....

    This is one awesome episode. Hillary gets asked to pose in the new weather girl spread for Playboy. Of course Phillip does not agree with the idea, but Hillary is all grown up and can make her own decisions. Will sets up a date with Jackie, but ends up breaking it off and telling her a lie that he was sick. Carlton gets worried that Hillary is going to screw up his stellar reputation and wants to tag a long and give Hugh a piece of his mind. So, Hillary, Will, and Carlton go to the mansion. While Hillary is touring the mansion Carlton can't get over all of the beautiful women there while Will trys to hit on every woman there; makeing for some pretty funny pick up lines. They even manage to run it to Jazz! Phillip finds out that they went to the mansion and tries to stop Hillary. Jackie finds out that Will was faking his illness so she makes plans with another guy and will gets jellous. Phillip soon appolgizes to Hillary. Later we see Phillip as a monk and Will brings the edition of Playboy with Hillary, but to his suprise she is covered up!

    This was a great episode. The pick up lines were classic and who doesn't like to see beautiful Playboy Playmates in one of their favorite shows?
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