The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 5

Granny Gets Busy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1991 on NBC

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  • The main plot was boring for me, the Sub plot was PERFECT!

    How often does one come across an episode where the main plot isn't all that interesting but the sub plot is easily superior. Well, I did in this episode. In fact at the end, i wanted more and more from the sub plot which was plain hilarious!

    The main plot I found just boring. As much as I love the grandma, this episode really didn't work for me aside the sub plot and one funny Phillip scene where he says "Daddy had

    Main plot- 3/10

    Sub plot- 10/10
  • Phillp's mom gets a boyfriend

    Another good episode. Like with previous episodes, I liked that this episode had two good parts. The bet between Will and Carlton and Ashley between Ashley and Hilary was interesting to see. When Carlton was in the dress and Phillp's mom came in, her reaction was great. Another reason I liked the bet was the interaction between Ashley and Hilary. Before we have not seen much. I also like how the bet ended. (I won't reveal it) I also like the part with Phillp's mom. It's never easy for a child to see their parent date. It was interesting to see Phillp to struggle with it. I liked how Phillp's mom's date was a good person. I think the best part of the episode was the Phillp mom story.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince philps mother comes to stay with them again and will is happy to see her and so is everyone eles philp sets up activites for his mother to do but she seems like she is not interested in doing them a man that lives next door has some funny pick up lines that he ues on her that will can stop laughing about. and so philp brings a lady from next door that is his mothers age but his mother does not want to hang out with and so she makes up a lie and turns out as philp is waiting for his mother he comes down stairs to see his mother kissing another man. and he is not happy about it and then he final disscuss it with her they work it out this was a good ep
  • Granny Gets Busy

    This episode once again shows Phil as a momma’s boy, worrying about her but still coming up with fun things to do such as card games at the retirement home and inviting elderly neighbours around.

    There are some very funny moments like Phil spinning everything said at the table into his father such as “daddy had a farm” and “daddy had parents”, the whole family getting annoyed at it after a while.

    This shows a pivotal point in the series where Granny moves on from Zeke’s father who died a year ago though I don’t recall it ever being mentioned and manages to be funny aswell however my favourite plot is Ashley and Hillary building the bike while Will and Carlton made the dress which really makes the episode a side-splitting instalment.
  • It was a good episode because you get to see Vivian Banks' butt.

    In this episode Vivian Banks' shows her butt when she slips into something sexy for Uncle Phil and when she lays on the bed you can see up her nightgown and her bare butt is there. It didn't bother me but there are a lot of young viewers and the editors should have caught that.