The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 4

Grumpy Young Men

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1994 on NBC

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  • A great and hilarious episode but flawed

    Despite having issues, I love it. The Carlton and Will storyline was fantastically done and highly resembled their relationship. The comedy was great and the fact that we didn't have to see the horrible new Vivian was a bless from God!

    However, the storyline with Ashley wasn't good enough and didn't contain enough. The episode's plot overdescribes the sub plot when nothing in it really happens sadly. Other than that, a great episode
  • Will and Carlton fight again

    Like I have said before, the realtionship of Will and Carlton has improved but still has complications. with it's up and downs. This time it was down. Will and Carlton are on a double date only to have Carlton steal Will's date, although not on accident. It's kind of like the start of season 4 when a women that Carlton met only have Will with her. Both situations are similar. Both Will and Carlton didn't really steal each others women, it just sort of happened. Also remember Will did steal a girlfriend of Carlton earlier in the series. Carlton's date was pretty funny. I liked how Carlton stayed positive despite her being mean. The fight that they had was good but I am glad it didn't get too violent or the pranks that out of hand. It also helped that this was on NBC, It was funny that the advice that Phillp gave to Will and Carlton, that both of caught on. In some cases this would make the episode drop in quality but in this case, it made it better. My only complaint that there was wasn't much of a second story. It would've been funny to see Phillp teach Ashley to drive. The fight that old Will and Carlton had was pretty funny.
  • Another goof on this episode was the fact that Uncle Phil was supposed to be helping Ashley drive....

    Another goof on this episode was the fact that Uncle Phil was supposed to be helping Ashley drive. When in fact on the episode where Vivian was having her baby, Ashley said she had been taking the car since she was 10 and drove Vivian to the hospital. So they messed up there when they were all trying to help Ashley drive. It's funny though. I guess they don't keep up with everything they do. And i know this is not a review but I wanted to write about it and I have to keep talking because it has to be 100 words.
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