The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 6

Guess Who's Coming to Marry?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1991 on NBC

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  • Another rather boring and forgettable Season 2 episode

    What is it with Season 2 so episodes I came across didn't strike me like Season 1 and in fact most episodes so far, I have no intention of re-watching. This is another one of them. I really didn't like the story here. For one, it irritates me how they have to bring in most of the family. Some of them we never knew before and cared about so this episode doesn't really strike you.

    Also, this episode was focused to me as a more drama based episode than a comedy with very little laughs. In fact, the ending was SO predictable that at the end you realize exactly how you wasted 22 minutes knowing what will happen. When Will's mum walks in at the end and everyone looks at her, you know she's simply gonna say "I accept, you marry!"

    A poor episode. Very disappointing season so far ;(
  • Will's aunt gets married

    If you see the episode for the first time, you may not think the wedding between Janice and Frank was not a big deal but at the time it may have been. I liked that the whole family besides Will's mom didn't have a big deal with the choice of Janice's husband. I also liked how the episode was not done in a controversial way. Normally Will goes along with whatever his mom says. But in this episode he didn't. He did in such a way that was not being mean to her. I liked how Will got her mom around. The wedding itself was good. In the past when Fresh Prince of Bel Air did one storyline it was lacking but in this case the story and episode was solid.
  • Guess Who’s Coming To Marry

    The funniest parts of this episode were:
    1. Carlton’s special medley of songs
    2. Will standing up to his mother (“We have a difference of opinion but I’m going to the… library!” and referring to the wedding as the “thing”)
    3. “Am I the only one who noticed he was white? I mean… tall?”
    4. Vi bothering Will while still saying he should focus on homework
    5. Geoffrey stating that the day Hillary does everything herself will be the day he square dances naked on the white house lawn
    6. The “kick me” and “wide load” signs
    7. The “taking care of business” scene and Will’s input
    8. Will and Carlton in bed
    9. Bobby being leashed
    10. The driver wondering why he didn’t get the special girl he was promised.

    Overall, these ten things show that a lot can happen in one episode and they manage to squeeze in a wedding too and this episode is truly a great example of the Fresh Prince, enough to get anyone hooked on the show.
  • Superb!

    Carlton: "Will, do you wanna get married?"
    Will: "Alright that's it get out of my bed!!"

    Carlton: "Will, what are you doing in that tux?"
    Will: "Oh I'm going to the umm.. to the thing... wait man I can say it to you, I'm going to the wedding man!"

    Love it!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show fresh prince janis is getting married and the sisters reunite and the family is all waiting to meet aunt janis future husband except when they meet him they did not expect him to be a white guy and wills mother is really upset so she tells will he is not going to the wedding . and the sisters are really upset and there all talking about it and will decides to go above his mom and goes to the wedding wills mothers shows up . and it turns out to be a good wedding