The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 6

Guess Who's Coming to Marry?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • It's unusual at the wedding that cousin Bobby is nowhere to be seen.

    • When Will are Carlton are talking about growing up and getting married, Will says Carlton's kids would be able to babysit his kids, one of which he wants to name Willow. Will Smith later went on to have a daughter named Willow.

  • Quotes

    • Carlton: Will, do you wanna get married?
      Will: Alright, that's it. Get out of my bed.
      Carlton: Not ta me, you pervert.
      Will: Sorry man. This is LA.

    • Vivian (after seeing Janice's finance for the first time): You know, when Janice described him, she didn't mention that he was...tall. Not that I have any problems with people who are...tall.
      Lester: My cousin used to date a girl who was...tall.
      Phil: Heck, the boy probably went to a predominantly...tall school.
      Will: Am I alone in this or did no one notice he was white?
      Vy: What the hell is wrong with Janice?
      Will: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say white? I meant tall.
      Hilary: He didn't seem that tall to me.

    • Carlton (upon seeing Will's toes): You need a pedicure.
      Will: Yeah, I'd crack your feet but they don't reach up here.

    • Hilary: Pea green lawn chairs? No, this is not a Ninja Turtle wedding.

    • Carlton: I have compiled a special medley of songs, give a listen. (singing) "Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony. Because the world is black, the world is white, it turns by day and then by night. Since she's got jungle fever, he's got jungle fever, they've got jungle fever. We're in love." What do you think?
      Will: I think you were deprived of oxygen at birth.

    • Vy: Janice, you should've told me he was white.
      Helen: Clear the table. I think she's about to blow.

    • Vivian: Janice, why didn't you tell anyone about Frank?
      Janice: I guess I was hoping noone would notice?
      Helen: Girl, who did you think you were bringing him home to? Stevie Wonder?

    • (The family is discussing sleeping arangements)
      Bobby: I wanna sleep with Carlton.
      Carlton: I always dreamnt when I heard those words it would be Paula Abdul saying them.

    • Vivian: Well, here we are. The Smith sisters together again. (to Janice) The good, (to Vy) the bad, (to Helen) and...
      Helen: Don't even think about it.

    • Helen: Now look. I don't care if Frank is black, white, or candy-apple red. I've been on slim-fast for the last two weeks to fit into my dress. Now somebody is gonna marry somebody.

    • Vivian: Here we are, the Smith sisters, loud live, and in color.
      Helen: More like quiet, evil, and colored.

    • Hilary: Do I have to do everything myself?
      Geoffrey: Miss Hilary, the day you do everything yourself will be the day I square-dance naked on the White House front lawn.

    • Hillary: No, no, no, no, no!
      Worker: Don't you know any other words.
      Geoffrey: No.

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