The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 18

Hare Today...

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 1996 on NBC

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  • it's Easter

    it's back. A episode with two storylines and so is Viv. It was nice t have her back. It was also good that Carlton and Ashley were in a storyline together. They are both trying to get the lead signer for the special Easter Service. It's no surprise that Carlton but a little surprising that Ashley did. It was nice surprise. It was a amusing scene when Ashley and Carlton were trying to convince the Minster to convince him.

    The story with the Minster was good. I really liked that it never got too far with Viv. I also like that Phillp never found out. The reaction of Will was pretty funny when he found out that the Minster coming onto Viv was pretty funny. I also enjoyed Will's time with the old ladies was pretty funny. The best part of this episode was when Phillp sat on Nicky's rabbit. How it was shot was perfectly. Animal lovers I am sure that Phillp didn't sit on the actual rabbit.

    All in all this was a fine episode.
  • that one line brings magic into my life

    now look here, i am a HUGE will smith FANATIC, all of the episode in the fresh price are amazing, will smith going \"unowatimsayin\" is pure gold

    but what else makes this series gold is its a goldmine of one line wonders!

    but i could go on and on about the series, i mean i have all the series dvd\'s out so far

    i am also a huge fan of alfonso ribeiro, he\'s great in this and \"in the house\", and in this episode he says one line that makes me laugh like hell

    \"i could use another boil potato\" in a clasic carlton singing voice, well thats what i think he says, i love this so much and i have not seen this episode alot, i have to wait until season 6 is out on DVD

    but hey its DAMN funny

    of course the episode has other highlights

    ah its a shame it had to end

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