The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 7

Hex and the Single Guy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1993 on NBC

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  • Halloween episode

    At the start of Season 4. Hilary loses her finance, Trevor. Besides at the start of the season, I don't feel they really dealt with it much. I understand that she is a main character, but I feel that it could've done better. They did it somewhat in this episode. You are lead to believe what is happening to the family is real. Maybe it's just me but the guy who placed the hex, remained me a little of gay Jerry from Parks and Rec. I also liked Carlton's costume. Nice reference to a good movie (Home Alone)

    My biggest complaint about this episode was after Will woke up and he went back to the house, the sequence was the same as the dream. Still a good episode.
  • Hiliary takes her family to an tv psyhic for an séance

    This halloween Hiliary,tells her family that she got booked with an TV psychic for an seance.So she can contact with Trevor from the beyond.Of course they didn't want to do it.But in the end they all went.As they arrive during the seance,he channels and manage to get an hold of Trevor.Hiliary asked if he knew where the purse was.Will begin to think that this seance is an fake.Which got the guy mad and put an Hex curse on him.Everything went fine at the home.However things wrong very wrong.Hiliary begin to fall in love with Jazz.They were going to plan to get married.Everyone blames Will for this of course.In the end Will went to talk to the guy to break the curse.

    Yeah but this was only an dream.However it seemed to repeat itself was it even an dream good questioned? But this was funny.
  • hrmrmhhmmrhm..... okay

    This episode is one of my favorites, but it's kind of hard to explain...My mouth dropped WIDE open when jazz and hilary.... yeah... it was just kind of creepy... The part with phil flying out the front door was funny! I thought vivian was a little harsh when she told will to move out, but i guess that's just how aunt viv rolls. The seyonce(thats probably misspeled) scene was i felt... lacking. I think they should have at least showed trevor. I dont know, that's just me. Also, Scorpio was kinda creepy and he looked like he was, yaknow. A few Llamas short of a petting zoo.
  • I think this episode is great because it is Halloween!!!!!!Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love curse and scary.

    I thought this episode is true but it is not true because Will have a bad dream. Yes, I like Will's dream. It's because I love curse and scary. I was like oh my god that Jazz and Hillary were make out then she said we're get married. Thank goodness it is Will's dream. LoL Carlton's hair looks weird. And someone else throws tennis to Ashley the throw tennis ball and it looks really fast! I notice that everyone got curse because of Scorpius. Finally, Will woke up at morning. Will was glad that he just had a bad dream. Later Hillary was date with someone else. Then Will said, "Who?" Hillary said, "Trevor". Will got scream and he said NO! I bet Will's dream was still and not woke up yet. I just my guess.
  • Hex and the Single Guy

    This episode works very well with the alternate reality type setting and I found the episode entertaining because it is so out there and crazy aswell as being utterly hilarious with the ridiculous séance, Carlton’s costume and the different hex problems.

    The ending was also terrific for a Halloween episode, taking déjá vu to the Groundhog Day level of zaniness and really sums up the hilarious parodical theme of horror that the episode involved which was quite amusing.

    Overall, the episode certainly had its faults because of the different set up of the episode but it was hilarious for the same reason and since it’s Halloween, stranger television has happened.
  • Will in the Twilight Zone

    This is a Halloween episode that is rather silly but fun. You might guess a lot eariler that the whole episode was a dream from all the ridiculous things that happen to them. But that's the fun of the episode seeing for the first time these crazy bad things occur to them. Will has litterally be branded as "Damien" when bad karma pollutes the Banks household giving everyone bad luck. Jeffery being arrested by imagration, Phil losing his job to illegal acts he's inocent of, Jazz throwing Phil out the door, and worse Carlton's dye fading wrong making his hair look like a snowcone. Will is as usual great at being Will from his sceptitism and belief in the curse. But it's Carlton that is a scene stealer from some of the lines and reations he delivers, down to the strangest costume that fits the episode.
  • I think this is a funny episide!

    I like the parts when will was dreaming about the hex. Uncle Phill got fired, Carlton's hair changed color... and the butler got arrested. I also like the part when Carlton said, "But it'll cut into my trick-or-treating time!" Carlton was also dressed up in a very weird Halloween costume...