The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 10

Hi-Ho Silver

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1991 on NBC
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Episode Summary

When Vivian has a guest over and her grandmother's silverwear turns up missing, Will and Carlton assume the silver was stolen by the guest. They barge into the guest's home to investigate.

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  • An awesome episode

    I absolutely loved this episode in many ways. I just loved the twist they had in this episode, the story the way the characters were presented, especially Geoffrey. I love the use of "That woman must be stopped" The acting was great, the delivery of dialogue was superb and the story itself was awesome making for a great episode
  • A movie star comes to visit the banks

    After a slow start to this episode it got better as it got going. I think I would have liked this episode more if I knew the actress who played the movie star. This is not a knock against Zaza Ggabor. I know she is a famous actress but i wish i knew more about her. I liked how Carlton and Will thought she stole the silverware and the the attempt to put it back. Getting Hilary to come with them was perfect. It was very funny when Will and Carlton were under the table. I liked that the ending while not a finished one was a great way to end it.moreless
  • yes

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince vivan has a guest over the house and there having a good time when they realize the silver wear is gone and they think they know who did it the lady next door so they go and investgate if she really did it so they bring hilery along to go and look around but thing is vivan comes over and philp too so will and carlton go and hide underneath the table and they get caught it was a funny ep i thought and it had a few laughs .this was a good epmoreless
  • Hi-Ho Silver

    The opening scene with Will’s “black magic” tricks is very funny and is a great example of Will’s mischievous side though that’s nothing compared to what later comes in the episode where he convinces Carlton that they should steal the silverware that they assume Sonya took from their manor.

    Carlton is very funny in this episode, especially the final scene with his overreaction to the cop and his needless break-in preparations.

    Geoffrey’s uniform is hilarious as is his attempts to hide the uniform so he wouldn’t have to embarrass himself further.

    Overall, this episode is extremely funny and has Will and Carlton at their best aswell as an entertaining table scene between Philip and Sonya.moreless
Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Sonya Lamor

Guest Star

John Petlock

John Petlock

Henry Firth

Guest Star

Tim Haldeman

Tim Haldeman

Security Guard

Guest Star

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    • (Will tries to eat a piece of chocolate cake by hand)
      Carlton: Will, use a fork.
      Will: Come on, man. I ain't usin' this wimpy fork.
      Carlton: This is not a wimpy fork. This is a hand-engraved silver dessert...
      (he suddenly takes a closer look at the fork)
      Carlton: Jumping Jehosaphat!
      Will: All right, man! All right! I'll use the fork!
      Carlton: Will, I'm telling you, this is Mom's! Miss Lamor must've taken it. Quick! Dial 911!

    • Will (regarding Ashley's hairstyle): Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the star of Heidi Comes To Harlem.

    • (Will starts taking Sonya's silverware)
      Parrot: Get your hands off that!
      (Will drops the silver)
      Parrot: Not till we're married.

    • (Geoffrey enters the kitchen wearing a new uniform)
      Will: Is that G or Philip Michael Thomas?
      Geoffrey: I take it your referring to this charming uniform your aunt insisted I wear. It is only my humble opinion, but that woman must be stopped.

    • (Will and Carlton returning home after stealing the silverware from Sonya's home)
      Vivian: I got my silverware back.
      Carlton: How'd you know?
      Vivian: The caterers brought it back.
      (Will and Carlton stare at each other in shock as Vivian walks out)
      Will: Carlton, why do I have service for 8 in my draws?

    • (the phone rings and Will goes to answer it)
      Philip: I've never felt better since I've been on this diet of exercise and healthy food.
      (Will hangs up the phone)
      Will: Uncle Phil, that was for you. They said you left your wallet at the donut depot.

    • Carlton: The silverware wasn't in the basement. But I found Geoffrey's new uniform crammed behind the hot water heater.
      Geoffrey (sounding annoyed): The scoundrels must have ditched it in their haste to escape.

    • Geoffrey: Madam, I have some distressing news. Your heirloom silverware is missing and someone's stolen my new uniform.
      Vivian: What?
      Philip: It's probably just misplaced. Let's split up and search for it.
      Geoffrey: Don't trouble yourselves. I'll just go back to wearing my old uniform.

    • Philip (walks in after exercising): That diet and exercise regiment your mother put me on has really changed my life. Its nice having her home more. She wakes up cheerful every morning, leaves little love notes in my briefcase, calls me up at work just to chat...That women must be stopped.

    • Will (about Vivian being home all the time): Having her home all the time is great. She picks our clothes out for us, makes our lunches, cuts the crust off the ends of our bread...That women must be stopped!

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    • Sonya Lamor: Yes, I did it. I deserve to be slapped.
      Sonya Lamor (after Carlton accidentally slaps a police officer): I have witnesses. It wasn't me.
      These lines allude to the incident in which Zsa Zsa Gabor was involved on June 14, 1989. She slapped a police officer and was sentenced to 72 hours in jail, 120 hours of community service, and ordered her to pay court costs ($13,000).

    • Title: Hi-Ho Silver
      The title alludes to The Lone Ranger, which began in radio and became a television series that aired from 1949 to 1957. Hi Yo Silver is a famous line the character used to say to his horse.

    • Will: Those tapes under my bed are for my Clarence Thomas report.
      This is in reference to the 1991 Clarence Thomas case. In which Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was charged with sexual harassment by former colleague Anita Hill.