The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 4

Hilary Gets a Job

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1992 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Hilary gets a job reporting weather on television, but doesn't know a thing about being a weathergirl. How does she do on TV.

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  • C'mon, the title of the episode is enough to make you laugh

    As we know, in this episode, Hilary needs to get a job and eventually is hired by a man to be the weather-girl though she has no clue about the weather! As much as I liked this episode, there were two little nitpicks I had about this episode. Firstly, they didn't show enough of Hilary being the weather-girl and messing up and secondly, to me, the episode was more about Will trying to get himself to be aired on TV to make a point.

    There were a few great scenes, most notably Hilary shopping in the refrigerator and secondly, when Phil suddenly refuses to stand up against Howard after realising that Howard gave her the job was just priceless.

    Asides the little nitpicks a superb episodemoreless
  • Hilary gets a job as a weather girl

    This was an important episode. First Hilary gets a job that she holds for a long time. Second, we are introduced to Trevor, who is the male version of Hilary. Trevor and Hilary make a good couple. The secretary for Trevor was cast great. Her lack of caring was funny. I also liked how Will takes up a cause and then Phillp agrees to help him to only stop when he realizes that Hilary has a job and a man. Also funny was how Will got Howard to sign the petition. An overall funny episode.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince will is mad about how the news is reporting the things that happen in the hood. he thinks they dont know all the facts . so he keeps calling and so hilery goes with him down to the news studio and the boss sees hilery and he thinks shes got what it takes and his name is trevvor this is the first time they meet. and so will decides since hilery is a ancor now he can use her to get his message across this was a good ep i thought and it had quite a bit of laughs in itmoreless
  • This is how Hiliary meets Trevor.

    It all started when Hiliary said,that she was going to the market.However apparently she shops only in her family refrigdirator.Philip tells Hiliary that she should get an job and earn her living.She goes to the tv station,she gets an job as an weather girl.However Will,disappointed that they wont air his petition on tv.He and with the help of the reciptiantist.He goes on tv,trying to talk about his petition.

    Yeah so this is pretty much an great episode.Heh Hiliary finally got an job.But eventually gets her own talk show later on in the series.This is also how she met her love of her life Trevor.moreless
  • Hilary Gets A Job

    This episode is the start of many things: Hilary "grocery shopping" for the first time, getting a job as a weathergirl and meeting Trevor who will become more important later in the series.

    Will trying to get on the news was very amusing, especially the receptionist and Will's speech about how Howard was going to sign the petition.

    Will manipulating Phil into getting the law involved was a hilarious scene, Philip quickly flipping sides when he realised how Hilary got the job.

    Overall, this is one very entertaining episode and develops Hilary quite well, with her seeing Trevor and her first informal weather report.moreless

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    • Carlton: Will, you gotta lie to get what you want. Didn't you see the Republican Party?
      Will: Carlton, don't make me come down there.

    • (Will puts head-phones on Vivian's stomach)
      Philip: What the hell are you doing?
      Will: In biology class, I learned babies can respond to sounds they hear in the womb. So I'm letting him listen to heavy D.
      Philip: (taking the head-phones off Vivian's stomach) Will, it's bad enough you have an influence on Ashley. Hands off the fetus.
      Vivian: Will, honey, why all this sudden interest in the baby?
      Will: Well, I mean, I've been able to save Ashley but as far as your other two kids, let's just say they're a few wings short of a bucket.
      Philip: There is nothin' wrong with Hilary and Carlton.
      Hilary: Daddy, if I'm ever going to make it on my own, you need to increase your credit card limit.
      Carlton: Dad, I'm living on the edge. [Shows his t-shirt] Look, V-neck!
      Will: Coincidence? I think not. Allow me.
      (Will puts the head-phones on Vivian's stomach again)

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