The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 14

Hilary Gets a Life

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

Philip gets his credit card bill and calls a family meeting. He says Will is a role model for the other children because he has a job and begins to call out amounts that Hilary, Carlton, and Ashley have spent. Upon closer examination, Philip realizes that the only child with a spending problem is Hilary.

After asking everyone to leave, Philip and Vivian talk to Hilary about this. They remind her of her agreement to support herself if they let her drop out of college and tell her to give them her credit cards. Philip cuts up the cards and forces Hilary to find herself a job.

The next day, Hilary comes home tired and frustrated and complains to Will that she can't get a job at a catering company because of her resume. Will falsifies Hilary's resume and turns all her bad cooking qualities into positive culinary experiences. Hilary gets the job, which delights her parents.

Her first job is a bar mitzvah. Will and his friend, Tyriq, go with Hilary to the job site to help her unload food and other boxes and both tell her they have to leave soon to go meet some dates. While they are out getting more boxes, Hilary's boss comes into the kitchen and compliments Hilary on her job and then asks where her serving crew is. At this point, Will and Tyriq re-enter and Hilary passes them off as her crew since she does not have one. After Hilary's boss leaves, Will says that they can't stay but that he will go home and get everyone else to come help.

At home, Will is unable to convince Ashely and Carlton to come and help until he blackmails Carlton and tells Ashley that a bunch of young boys will be there. With these two on his side, he tries to persuade Geoffrey to come along too, but Geoffrey refuses since it is his off day. As Will, Carlton, and Ashley leave, Will makes a comment about how many princesses will be there, a lie too tempting for Geoffrey to pass up.

They all arrive at the party and begin to serve the food. Will and Tyriq go to leave but Hillary starts a crying fit, making Will and Tyriq stay because they feel bad for her. Hilary starts to go out and see's two of her friends there. Embarrassed that one is working as medical apprentice and another is working at a computer company while she herself is serving food, Hilary runs and hides in the broom closet. Will tries and tries to convince Hilary to come out but to no avail. Geoffrey finally convinces Hilary to let him in so he can talk to her. Once inside, Geoffrey tells Hillary there is nothing embarrassing about serving others and that that has been his job for many years and that he does it proudly. He tells Hilary to have confidence in herself and what she does as well because he had a part in raising her and, as he put it, Geoffrey don't raise no fool. Hilary thanks Geoffrey and they hug.
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