The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 10

Home is Where the Heart Attack Is

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1993 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Philip isn't allowed greasy food. his heart won't take it. Will sneaks Philip food. At what cost does this have? Will anybody find out?

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • The best of the far!

    I absolutely loved this episode. It is truly hilarious and yet so emotionally draining. The mix between comedy and seriousness is done very well. In this episode, Phil is unable to cope with such a forced diet and gets Will to sneak him food after Ashley ensures no take away store or pizza delivery place will deliver for Phillip and so uses Will to sneak him food, until he has a HEART ATTACK!

    This episode contained some of the best humor of the far and yet the most emotionally draining fantastic episode that is perfectly acted by all but the new Vivian.moreless
  • Phillp goes on a diet

    This was an episode that showcased how good this season was. If it wasn't for the episode entitled Papas got a brand new excuse this would have been the most dramatic episode of the season. There was also a nice balance with comedy. Before it happened, Phillp getting Will to help him seek food and Ashley and Viv making sure Phillp has no access to food, despite Phillp's pleas was funny. The ambulance tech after it happened is a good character. He proved some humor in a sensitive situation. Nice touch on the name for the doctor.

    The scene where Phillp had his heart attack was wonderfully shot. The scenes done afterwards were done great as well. The best most dramatic scene was when Will came to the house to get Carlton. You have seen Will's serious side in some previous episodes but this one really showcased his acting abilities. Believe it or not there was a scene that is more dramatic later in the season.

    I liked that Will stepped up and admitted he played a part in it. It was a recall too the prom episode in season 3. I also liked this episode was not a two part episode.moreless
  • Phil disobey his diet and eats the things he isn't suppose to.

    After being the doctor.Vivian tell Phil,that he should go on the diet.But Phil denys that he isn't.Ashley tells her father,that she doesn't liked seeing him eat junk food stuff liked that.That he should start eating healthy and go on an diet even to excercise.So the diet begins,Phil couldn't take it anymore.So he sent Will,to secretly bring him some fast food.However in the end,he has an heart attack goes to the hospital.Will felt that he was the one to blame.

    I thought that this was an special episode,this show what would happened if you keep eating junk food and don't excercise or be on the diet.moreless
  • Home is Where the Heart Attack Is

    The great thing about this episode is that it blends the comedy and dramatic tension very well which can sometimes be hit and miss with the show but in this case is entertaining aswell as having just the right amount of seriousness, with scenes like the ambulance and the cheeseburger/Mexico bribery being hilarious but having very moving scenes with the guilt trips and Will’s father’s absence which will play into an even more dramatical episode towards the end of the season.

    Carlton not wanting to visit Philip was a great addition as it shows how tight the family is in the end and also how hilarious the plot points can be as this won’t be the last episode that Phil cheats on his diet and overall the heart attack plot was great in both story and humour from all the characters.moreless
  • Phil gets a heart attack. Ashley puts him on a strict diet to Phil dismay and bribes Will into have greasy foods delivered to him. After eating the food Phil gets a heart attack and stays in the hospital. He eventually comes out the hospital and is fine.moreless

    This episode is great. I get it a rating of 9.5 because I loved the suspense of the episode and kept you wondering how Phillip would take care of himself. I'm glad he got well and I hope he will take better care of himself. It just goes to show you to take care of yourself and make healthy choices for if you don't, when you least expect it your life might pass you by. I recommend this episode to everyone since it's an awesome episode. It's rank is currently 18 and for me it's is the best episode in Season 4!moreless
Dominic Hoffman

Dominic Hoffman

Dr. Russell Kevarkian

Guest Star

Darryl Sivad

Darryl Sivad


Guest Star

Aaron Lustig

Aaron Lustig

Dr. Hangarter

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The reason everyone gasped when the Doctor Kevarkian mention his name, is because of the pathologist Jack Kevorkian. Kevorkian most noted for publicly championing a terminal patient's right to die via physician-assisted suicide; he claims to have assisted at least 130 patients to that end. He famously said that dying is not a crime. He was imprisoned in 1999, he served eight years out of his 10-to-25-year prison sentence for second-degree murder in the 1998 poisoning of Thomas Youk, 52.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (last lines; Will, Carlton, and Philip enter the living room to watch T.V.)
      Will: Aw, man! We don't have no remote!
      Philip: Sure, we do. Geoffrey!

    • Vivian: Sweetheart, I am so glad to have you home safe and well. And if you ever do anything to scare me like that again, I kill you.

    • Carlton: I should've come sooner, Dad, but I was scared. You're like Superman to me.
      Philip: Yeah. Cheesecake is my Kryptonite, huh?

    • Dr. Kevarkian: Your father's resting comfortably. Why don't you take your family home?
      Hilary: Oh. Well, they finally fell asleep. I don't wanna wake them.
      Dr. Kevarkian: You don't sleep?
      Hilary: Got a lot on my mind, Dr. Kevorkian.
      Dr. Kevarkian: Kevarkian, with an A. Call me Russell.

    • Philip: I'm gonna be all right, Will. I'll be fine. You go with your friends to Mexico. I'll be okay.
      Will: No. No. No. I'm with you, man. I'm stayin' with you till the end.
      (Philip stares at him)
      Will: That was a really poor choice of words. I'm sorry.

    • Dr. Kevarkian: Excuse me. Are you the Banks family?
      Vivian: Yes, we are.
      Dr. Kevarkian: I'm Dr. Kevarkian.
      (the Bankses gasp a bit)
      Dr. Kevarkian: Not "Kevorkian". Kevarkian, with an A.
      (the Bankses breathe sighs of relief)

    • Will: (about Philip) Hey, man, he is gonna be all right, isn't he?
      Medic: Well, if I say he is and he croaks, you gonna be upset. Right?
      Will: You're a real people person, aren't you?
      Medic: I guess. Hey, if he still wants to stop for a burger, I can get Troy to stop by the drive-thru. With the siren on, we don't hafta wait in line.

    • Hilary: My therapist said that the only way to cope with Trevor's death is to confront it.
      Vivian: Trevor died bungee jumping.
      Hilary: I'm working up to that. Well, I'm off to my sky diving class.
      Will: Yo Hil, that's not your parachute, that's my book bag.
      Hilary: Whoops, that would've been embarrassing.

    • Vivian: Carlton, your father just wants to make sure that if anything should happen, we'll we taken care of.
      Hilary: That's right, Carlton, Daddy has gotten us used to this rich and pompous lifestyle...oh guess what? I went in on a race horse.

    • Carlton: It's pointless for Dad to get this extra life insurance, he'll probably outlive all of us.
      Will: Only if he eats us first.

    • Will: (to Carlton) You're going to that hospital if I have to knock you out and call an ambulance.

    • Will: I hate to interrupt this guilt fest, but I think that I hafta take the rap for this one.
      Vivian: Well, you have been a little wild these past 4 years.
      Hilary: Not to mention your negative influence on Carlton.
      Geoffrey: Let's not forget his constant barrage of fat jokes.
      (the others inaudiably state each "fat" joke)
      Ashley: Stop it, everybody! You're makin' Will feel bad.
      Will: No. No. It's cool, Ash. They're right. It is my fault. 'Specially since I been sneakin' 'im food for the past week.
      Ashley: You what?!
      Will: No! I mean, he said it was only gonna be until New Year's! It wasn't all bad food! I mean, fried rice had bean sprouts in it!

    • Carlton: Look, I don't wanna see my father with tubes up his nose, okay?!
      Will: Carlton, there's gonna come a time when all he has is tubes up his nose.
      Carlton: Not my father!!
      Will: Everybody's father! Except mine, cause I don't know where the hell he is!!!

    • Philip: Would you do me a favor, Will?
      Will: Uncle Phil, we are not stoppin' fa' no burger!
      Philip: No. No. No. Would you tell Carlton to look after the family just in case this is my last ride?
      Will: Your last ride? Whatcha talkin' 'bout, man? We gonna go for plenty o' rides in ambulances, man.

    • Philip: What is wrong with you people? I weight the same I thing as I did in high school.
      Will: Yeah, if you add up all four years.

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