The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 10

Home is Where the Heart Attack Is

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The reason everyone gasped when the Doctor Kevarkian mention his name, is because of the pathologist Jack Kevorkian. Kevorkian most noted for publicly championing a terminal patient's right to die via physician-assisted suicide; he claims to have assisted at least 130 patients to that end. He famously said that dying is not a crime. He was imprisoned in 1999, he served eight years out of his 10-to-25-year prison sentence for second-degree murder in the 1998 poisoning of Thomas Youk, 52.

  • Quotes

    • (last lines; Will, Carlton, and Philip enter the living room to watch T.V.)
      Will: Aw, man! We don't have no remote!
      Philip: Sure, we do. Geoffrey!

    • Vivian: Sweetheart, I am so glad to have you home safe and well. And if you ever do anything to scare me like that again, I kill you.

    • Carlton: I should've come sooner, Dad, but I was scared. You're like Superman to me.
      Philip: Yeah. Cheesecake is my Kryptonite, huh?

    • Dr. Kevarkian: Your father's resting comfortably. Why don't you take your family home?
      Hilary: Oh. Well, they finally fell asleep. I don't wanna wake them.
      Dr. Kevarkian: You don't sleep?
      Hilary: Got a lot on my mind, Dr. Kevorkian.
      Dr. Kevarkian: Kevarkian, with an A. Call me Russell.

    • Philip: I'm gonna be all right, Will. I'll be fine. You go with your friends to Mexico. I'll be okay.
      Will: No. No. No. I'm with you, man. I'm stayin' with you till the end.
      (Philip stares at him)
      Will: That was a really poor choice of words. I'm sorry.

    • Dr. Kevarkian: Excuse me. Are you the Banks family?
      Vivian: Yes, we are.
      Dr. Kevarkian: I'm Dr. Kevarkian.
      (the Bankses gasp a bit)
      Dr. Kevarkian: Not "Kevorkian". Kevarkian, with an A.
      (the Bankses breathe sighs of relief)

    • Will: (about Philip) Hey, man, he is gonna be all right, isn't he?
      Medic: Well, if I say he is and he croaks, you gonna be upset. Right?
      Will: You're a real people person, aren't you?
      Medic: I guess. Hey, if he still wants to stop for a burger, I can get Troy to stop by the drive-thru. With the siren on, we don't hafta wait in line.

    • Hilary: My therapist said that the only way to cope with Trevor's death is to confront it.
      Vivian: Trevor died bungee jumping.
      Hilary: I'm working up to that. Well, I'm off to my sky diving class.
      Will: Yo Hil, that's not your parachute, that's my book bag.
      Hilary: Whoops, that would've been embarrassing.

    • Vivian: Carlton, your father just wants to make sure that if anything should happen, we'll we taken care of.
      Hilary: That's right, Carlton, Daddy has gotten us used to this rich and pompous lifestyle...oh guess what? I went in on a race horse.

    • Carlton: It's pointless for Dad to get this extra life insurance, he'll probably outlive all of us.
      Will: Only if he eats us first.

    • Will: (to Carlton) You're going to that hospital if I have to knock you out and call an ambulance.

    • Will: I hate to interrupt this guilt fest, but I think that I hafta take the rap for this one.
      Vivian: Well, you have been a little wild these past 4 years.
      Hilary: Not to mention your negative influence on Carlton.
      Geoffrey: Let's not forget his constant barrage of fat jokes.
      (the others inaudiably state each "fat" joke)
      Ashley: Stop it, everybody! You're makin' Will feel bad.
      Will: No. No. It's cool, Ash. They're right. It is my fault. 'Specially since I been sneakin' 'im food for the past week.
      Ashley: You what?!
      Will: No! I mean, he said it was only gonna be until New Year's! It wasn't all bad food! I mean, fried rice had bean sprouts in it!

    • Carlton: Look, I don't wanna see my father with tubes up his nose, okay?!
      Will: Carlton, there's gonna come a time when all he has is tubes up his nose.
      Carlton: Not my father!!
      Will: Everybody's father! Except mine, cause I don't know where the hell he is!!!

    • Philip: Would you do me a favor, Will?
      Will: Uncle Phil, we are not stoppin' fa' no burger!
      Philip: No. No. No. Would you tell Carlton to look after the family just in case this is my last ride?
      Will: Your last ride? Whatcha talkin' 'bout, man? We gonna go for plenty o' rides in ambulances, man.

    • Philip: What is wrong with you people? I weight the same I thing as I did in high school.
      Will: Yeah, if you add up all four years.

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