The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 1

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 14, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the end of the episode, Phil grounds all 3 of his kids, except Hilary is an adult, and is too old to be grounded.

    • Goof: Carlton said that he wants to go to Yale and that he doesn't want to go to Princeton, but in previous episodes, he has his heart set on Princeton.

  • Quotes

    • (Will sees an elderly woman with several bags trying to open her door)
      Will: Oh. I'll help you with those, ma'am.
      (he takes one bag, but the woman takes it back)
      Woman: No, you won't, Worm Head!
      (she kicks Will on the leg)
      Woman: And there's more where that come from, chump.

    • Philip: Will, there will be no beepers worn in this house.
      Will: Yo, what's up Uncle Phil, my mom let me wear it in Philly.
      Phillp: That's because she's your mother and she loves you. I'm your uncle, I just try not to hurt you.

    • Hilary: Dad, I need five hundred dollars.
      Vivian: If its for the barbeque, we have already paid you.
      Hilary: Its not for the barbeque. I just want five hundred dollars.

    • Jazz: Weren't you just here?
      Will: I've been gone all summer. Isn't there something else you'd like to say to me?
      Jazz: Now that you mention it, yeah. You dating Whoopi Goldberg?

    • Jazz: What's up, man?
      Will: What's up, J?
      Jazz: When did you get back?
      Will: I just got back this morning, man.
      Jazz: Man, welcome home. Later
      (Slams door in Will's face)

    • (Carlton enters all beaten up)
      Vivian: Carlton honey, what happened to you?
      Carlton: Will told everyone at the airport I was Bryant Gumbel.
      Will: Hey, I thought we'd get the luggage faster.
      Vivian: Oh you poor baby, what did they do, mob you for autographs?
      Carlton: No, Five old ladies attacked me for being mean to Willard.
      Ashley: Hey, it was worth it if we got the luggage.

    • Vivian: When Will gets here, be nice. Otherwise you're gonna be bunk'in with mr.couch.
      (Philip laughs stupidly)
      Philip: Woman please. Do you honestly believe you can manipulate me with sex?
      Vivian: Does James Brown have a perm?

    • Phillip: Will, you're not going to wear a beeper as long as you're in my house.
      Will: Come on, Uncle Phil, how's a guy supposed to keep up with his tasties?
      Phillip: His what?
      Ashley: His tasties, daddy, his chumpies, his slimmies, his old ladies.
      Phillip: And who're you, Queen Latifah?

    • (the entire kitchen shakes in response to the loud hip-hop music playing outside)
      Geoffrey: I don't know whether to duck under the table or do the running man.

    • Carlton: Will, you MUST change.
      Will: Carlton, you MUST grow.

    • Philip: Will, get changed NOW.
      Will: You think someone will think I'm a drug dealer or something? Why wouldn't someone think I'm a doctor?
      (Carlton pulls off Will's hat, exposing his hair)
      Carlton: Because everyone knows Buck Weed didn't go to medical school.

    • Vivian: Philip, I'm worried about Will. What if something happened to him?
      Philip: Don't get my hopes up Vivian.
      Vivian: PHILIP!
      Philip: Relax. I have Geoffrey scowering the city for him.
      (Geoffrey walks in)
      Geoffrey: I'm terribly sorry sir. I searched everywhere, but there were no ice-cream sandwhiches.

    • Philip: I have no control over what you do Will. But these are MY kids. And as long as you wear those clothes and carry the beeper, they're grounded.

    • Ashley: (somewhat angry) Daddy, why did you throw Will out on the street?
      Philip: I did not throw Will out on the street!
      Geoffrey: Oh, quite right sir. You simply threw him out on to the lawn. He rolled into the street.

    • Will: It's like telling Hilary she can't entertain men in the hottub!
      Vivian: When did you have a man in the hottub?
      Hilary: This is about Will, not me.
      (Later in the argument)
      Vivian: I still want to know when she had a man in the hottub.
      Hilary: Look, that is my private life, ok? What happened is between me, that man, and his video camera.

    • Will: It's like telling Carlton he can't wear plaid.
      Carlton: Don't joke about that.

    • Philip: Boarding school is not so bad. Is it Geoffrey? Geoffrey went to boarding school, tell her Geoffrey.
      Geoffrey: Madam, I went to private school. And then I went to therapy.

  • Notes

    • When Will goes to Jazz's apartment, it is a completely different building than in season 1(72 hours).

    • Just as she did in the pilot, Hilary enters by asking her father for hundreds of dollars, quickly greets Will, then asks for the money again.

    • Will returns from Philly with a constantly beeping beeper and a jailsuit outfit.

    • During this season, Jeff Townes (Jazz) is credited differently. He was listed as DJ Jazzy Jeff as Jazz in prior seasons. Now he appears as Jeffrey A. Townes as DJ Jazzy Jeff. This information is not correct as Jeff's character in the show is called Jazz, not DJ Jazzy Jeff, which happens to be Jeff's name in music. This error persists during the whole third season and is finally corrected in season four.

    • The railing on the stairway in the living room is now a wood texture. In season 2, it was white and dark brown.

    • Janet Hubert-Whitten would appear in her last season after having conflicts with Will Smith and the producers. She reportedly was very difficult to work with...especially when she became pregnant later in the season.

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