The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 24

I, Done (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 20, 1996 on NBC

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  • This is the last episode of the series because of Will Smith moving-on from TV-to-Movies

    A nice way to end a cool show that is both funny and dramatic.

    I don't understand why I have to pay to watch the FULL show that I want to watch. Does any body have a website that I can go on to watch the FULL episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?!?!
  • I don't know

    I don't know
  • The end part 2

    Like I said before this is better viewed as one episode but since the DVD split this into two parts. The second part was much better then the first one. Will finally gets caught up in his lie about finding a place and admits it to Carlton. Carlton tires to help Will when he admits it to the family. This shows how far they have grown closer together. It was a great reaction by Phillp when he finds out about Will. Their talks together happened many times and this was one of the best outside of when Will's father came back and left.

    Series finales are about ending things on a good note, tying up loose ends, and not leaving ending This episode did exactly that. The goodbyes Will did to everyone were sweet and genuine. For the most part I believe the cast got along well. You could see that in the goodbye. My favorite goodbye was when Geoffrey called Will by his first name. It was also sweet of him to help out Hilary. The ending was perfect with Will leaving the place and Carlton getting upset that the light was turned off. I think it was a great choice not to have music. This was one of the best endings of a TV show.
  • A good way to end a great show

    This is how it ends: Hilary and Ashley move to New York, Carlton goes to Princeton, Geoffrey moves back to England to be with his son, Philip, Vivian, and Nicky move East and sell the house, and Uncle Phil helps Will find an apartment so he can stay and finish his education. It was a great way to end such a popular series. Will is one of those characters you really feel for and want for him to succeed. You can tell the family has grown closer in the past 6 years, and everyone has matured. Philip has come to accept Will like his own son, hence the phrase "You are my son." That was a bit of a tearjerker. He also really cares for Will and said that Will has really grown up, and has become a man ready to realize his potential. What an awesome episode!
  • one of the best series finales I have come in contact with

    Well, after 148 episodes and six seasons, a very popular show comes to end.

    Will has news to tell Uncle Philip and Aunt Vivian, and they have some news to: they are selling the house.

    So now Will has to make sure nobody knows he was lying and that he actually DOES have an apartment.

    So, the Drummonds {Diff'rent Strokes!} want the house, but Will makes them change their minds fast.

    Next, the Jeffersons. They don't want the house, but soon Will changes their minds. Oh no!

    This episode had everything. A lot of great humor and genuine emotion. The final scene where everyone says goodbye is one of the saddest things this show has done.

    Viva Fresh Prince!
  • A emotional and good episode.

    This episode was great and very emotional.

    The very emotional parts were, when Carlton and Will dance to "It's not unusual" by Tom Jones, when the Banks family leaves the house, and when Will leaves the house at the end of the episode.

    The funny parts in this episode were, the reason why the Jefferson's reason to move into the house a week after seeing it and at the end when Will turns the lights in the house off when Carlton was in the washroom.

    After 6 seasons and 148 episodes, this was a great way to end the show.

    I just wish that they made more episodes.
  • Amazing. The best season finale i have ever seen in my life.

    From the first time i watched the first episode of the Fresh Prince i did not know that it was going to end with such a sad ending like it had. It was definitly a tearjerker for most. If i could i woul give it an emmy or an award of anykind for being an amazing ending to an amazing show. Alot of laughs throughout all six seasons, especially from carlton just because of Alfonso's character. All the fat jokes never got old between Will Smith and James Avery. The way they showed all the kids progress in life was also a bg stand out in the show. Kind of sucks that the show is over but it never gets old. I must say i will definitly have to watch the DVDs over and over. Thank You for your time.
  • It's so sad!!! *cry* I can't believe Fresh Prince is over!!

    This was the last episode ever of Fresh Prince, and I about cried when it was over. *cry* It just doesn't seem right for them to move out East. (I doubt that they'd fit in. :P) Anyways, when Will and Carlton did their little dance, it was so hilarious!! Lol. Geoffrey was so sweet in this episode (and also in the episode prior to this one.) It was so sad when everyone was saying their goodbyes to Will. The episode ended sort of abruptly, but maybe it's just me. At least they pretty much tied up the story before ending it.
  • And so ends the reign of the Fresh Prince...

    This was painful to watch. I felt happy, but yet at the same time, sad. I almost even felt like crying. This was one of the best series finale I have ever watched. When I first saw this, I thought, "Oh, man... I wish they would bring this series back!" I recommend this episode to anybody that likes or loves the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Heck, I'd recommend it to ANYBODY! I laughed and almost cried when Carlton and Will were dancing to Tom Jones. I enjoyed writing this review as much as I did watching this episode. And thus ends the reign of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • I really like this series finale. Everybody are move away.

    Everybody have to move away expect Will. In first part I can't believe that he tells lie about apartment that he will move too. And at the end he tells that I have a monkey.huh? That does not make any sense! In second part Finally, Will tells the truth that he don't have an apartment. I can't believe that Phillip banks decide to move in New York with family and wants live to close. I really miss this show and it is series final!
  • This is how it ends

    Phil and Vivan decides that they would move east.Since Carlton is going to Princeton.Hiliary talk show is moving to New York and Ashley is going with her.Even though Will told them that he had found an place to stay.He confesses that he didn't.Their bultler plans to go back to England.In conclusion the day of the moving.Will is going to move with Jazz.Everyone said their good byes and goes their seperate ways.

    So this is the last final episode of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.Man! I miss this show so much.It was good while it lasted.
  • The one big, happy, family, splits up to the big four small, sad families.

    I was just soaking up my living room carpet watching this episode. I mean, this show was based upon the adventures of a family of seven people, but now . . . Phil, Vivian, and Nicki moving east, Carlton moving to Princeton U., Hilary and Ashley moving to New York ('cause Hilary's show is moving to New York City) and I don't know where Will moved but I was crying out a miniature Niagara Falls as I watched this episode. Even as I write this episode review, I'm crying, and I'm doing my best not to get my keyboard wet of tears . . . The 10.0 rating I gave this episode was not because of funny parts, heck, there were barely any real funny parts in the episode like there usually is. But, this episode described life, how things happen and you have to move on. But I'm glad they didn't break the family in the middle of the show, or I'd give the episode half of the rating . . .
  • They all move away.

    This was an amazing episode, it really did make me realize how hard growing up is. Leaving family is always hard. I will admit I cried, but my mood lightened up when Carlton was left on the toilet.

    It\\\'s amazing how life can change so much, shows nowadays never have good series finales. I think a reunion show is in order because just to see what happened with Will.

    I\\\'ve seen all episodes of all six season. I watch it on Nick @ Nite constantly, and I really miss it. Especially the funnt jokes the show makes. It really made me laugh all the time.
  • after 6 seasons its the end!

    everyone is going places.philip, vivian and nicky are moving, ashley and hilary are heading to new york, carlton is going to princeton and Will...well...umm...v will just needs an apartment.this episode is really sad as its a great show thats ending. i loved the part when everyone Reminisced on the good, the bad, and the ugly times they all had in the was sad to see another television family go away.poor Will had to lie about getting an apartment but everything worked out in te end.the jeffersons made a guest apperance. they were buying the banks' home.i am going to miss the show but there are re-runs!
  • At the very very end...

    At the very very end It was so hilarious. Like when Carlton has to go to the bathroom. Every one leaves. (cept Will) But Carlton is still there. He comes down the stairs and was like, "Where is everyone!" OMG ! I laughed for ever.

    It was so sad it had to end so soon. Well not so soon, cuz it was like 6 years. But I still watch it.
  • Finally saw the last episode. It's a bit disappointing the way the producers ended this but it's still got the humour

    Not the ending I was hoping for but I guess it'll do. Still has some hilarious moments like when Will was showing the house to everyone and trying to dissuade them from buying it. Also very glad to see that awful Carlton dance at the end. Actually, I didn't really need to see that again. Especially when Will was doing it too. For the last episode, they should have had Will's mom come back as well as a couple more regulars. Still upset that there were only 6 seasons produced. Not what I was expecting from the fresh prince but still enjoyed watching this one.
  • In the final episode, the family is selling the house and starting new lives. Will is stuck in california looking for an apartment, while Ashley and Hilary move to New York. Phil and Vivian are moving east, while Carlton is going to princeton. It is a gre

    Overall i thought it was hillarious. It was not the funniest episode they have done but it was most deffinately up there. It had a good mix of serious moments and bust out laughing moments. As far as finales go I\'d say that they did i really good job. As in every episode there were a couple of things here and there that they could have done without, such as nicky\'s comment to Will about giving Uncle Phil bad news when he is hungry, but it was still good. I think true Fresh Prince fans will enjoy it, but if you just watch the show occasionally it might just be mediocre.
  • i thoguth it was one of the best Comedys and would really like to see a comeback speacila but know that it will never happen

    i really did think that it was one of the best comedy shows of that time and still fails to copmare to some of the comedys we have now adays but thought it made Will smith the succes that he has become and although it has ended i would like to see a comeback speacial of all the cast
  • The end of the greatest comedy show on tv!

    The banks all go their separate ways in the final episode. Hilary and Ashley go to new york while Carlton heads for princeton. Philip,Vivian and Nicky head east and Will finds a place to live.The family agree to meet up on holidays as they leave the house for the final time.
  • Not the way I wish the series had ended, but this one was still well put.

    Like other viewers, I think Will's character remains unresolved at the end of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air series. We never got to see him married, or graduated; we didn't get to know what his major in college was. But this episode still carries enough for an interesting ending feeling.

    We are left with many ironies. When Will came to live with his relatives in Bel Air, he immediately formed a stronger bond with his Aunt Viv and his cousin Ashley. In this series finale, all goodbyes said, you notice that the coldest ones came from Aunt Viv and Ashley, while the warmest, tear jerking goodbye words came with Carlton and Uncle Phil, the ones with which Will clashed the most during the early episodes. It is also ironic that at the beginning of the series, Will comes from the East to California, and at the end of the series, everybody is moving East, and Will is staying in California. Some viewers may have preferred for Will to move back to Philly, or at least to New York or New Jersey to be near the Banks family and near his mother too.

    All this said, this is an episode you shouldn't miss, and unlike earlier season finales for this series, I Done does have what it takes to put a reasonably good ending to the series.
  • Bittersweat

    This series finale was funny and not overdone, like many series finales are. Will lies about getting an appartment. When Phillip puts the house up for sale, Will tries to prevent people from being the Bel-Air house. People who look at the house are classic sitcom characters Phillip Drummond, Arnold Drummond, George and Louise Jefferson, and Florence. He tricks all of them into not buying the house. Will reveals to everyone that he doesn't have an appartment. At the end of the episode, everyone says their touching goodbyes. This episode had Fresh Prince humor and was very funny. We'll always have repeats!
  • Will lies that he has a nice apartment because everybody was going away somewhere.

    A real tearjerker. To tell the truth, i almost cried (Towards the very end.) Everyone was leaving and the music was all sentimental, the last look at the big mansion that the Bank's had since even before the show started to air. Except for that little thing with Carlton in the bathroom, the end was really sentimental.
  • Wow! A real schocker! I never though it would end this way. To me a bitter sweet ending.

    Wow! I never imagined that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would end this way. This final episode ends as the Banks are getting ready to sell their house. Ashley, Hillary, and Carlton are moving to New York and Will has no where to live. He talks to Uncle Phil and he gets will an apartment. To me this was bitter sweet because, It showed me a diffrent side of Uncle Phil, he seemed always mad at will but Will learned he always cared for him. It was bitter because It was hard to see them leave that house. Theres so much history at that house. Ive watched them grow up there so it was kind of sad! Overall I thought the last episode was good. I would recomend to the people who watch this show, you must see that last episode.
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