The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 24

I, Done (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 20, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The Banks' house was finally sold to George and Louise Jefferson who also appeared in the episode Will Is From Mars...

    • About halfway through the episode, you see a scene with Will and Carlton talking about Will not having an apartment, then saying goodbyes. After they talk, Will grabs a CD, plays it, and it plays Carlton's favorite song, so Carlton does his signature dance, and this time, Will joins him by dancing just as oddly as Carlton.

  • Quotes

    • Will: I love you, Uncle Phil, and I just don't wanna lose you, any of you.
      Phil: You're not gonna lose us. You are my son, Will. End of story. You just better be sure your butt is by a phone on Sunday.
      Will: Right.
      (Will and Phil hug)

    • (At the dinner table, Will's about to tell everyone that he didn't really have an apartment, but Carlton still covers for him)
      Philip: So Will, did you find a new place?
      Will: Uhhhh, well Uncle Phil......
      Carlton: Yeah, it's a great place!
      Vivian: How does it look?
      Carlton: Well, it's got ceiling-to-floor doors, and wall-to-wall floors!
      Will: Carlton's just playin' yall. There's something I have to.......
      Philip: So when do we get to see it?
      Will: You can't.
      Vivian: Why not?
      Carlton: Because, the windows are tinted. (being drowned out by the audience's laughter) You can't see inside of it.
      Will: Carlton, it's okay man, I can do this. You can't see my apartment...because I don't have one.

    • Will: Where ever and whenever...I got your back, C.
      Carlton: Wherever, whenever I've got your back...W. (moment's pause) That just doesn't sound right coming from me, does it?
      Will: It sounds perfect.

    • Vivian: Nicky, did you remember to go to the bathroom?
      Nicky: Of course.
      Hilary: Carlton, did you remember to go to the bathroom?
      Carlton: Of course....I'll be right back.

    • (Will turns off the lights)
      Carlton (in the bathroom): Hey! Who turned off the lights?! (comes down with his pants down) Where is everybody?!
      Will: I'm definitely gonna miss you C.

  • Notes

    • Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson), Isabel Sanford (Louise Jefferson), and Marla Gibbs (Florence Johnston) crossover their roles from The Jeffersons .

    • Conrad Bain (Phillip Drummond) and Gary Coleman (Arnold Jackson) crossover their roles from Diff'rent Strokes .

    • This is a very short season for our beloved Jazz, who only appears five times throughout the course of this season.

    • Another interesting analysis of the episode guide is the series finale style season finales for each season begining since season 3. The producers seems to be prepared for cancellation (networks tend to pull shows without notifying producers until the end of the season taping i.e, Moesha, Wayans Brothers) by bringing a sense of closure at the end of each season. Such as the breakup of Will and Lisa's marriage, Will's move back to Philly, Will's High School Graduation, etc.

    • Will Smith wanted the series to end because his movie career was gaining momentum at the time and he wanted to focus on that. He was also going back into making albums as well with Big Willie Style in 1998 and the show would have been in his way with the time commitments required for taping.

      There are rumors that Smith was ready to call it quits earlier (going back to Philly) but with the show still being popular, he decided to continue for a little while longer to satisfy the fans.

    • We understand that there were some rumours that this show had a forced ending on its own series finale. The show should have ended after Will finishes one more year in his own college and then returns to Philadelphia. It turns out that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Parkers both have almost the same type of forced endings on their own series finales.

    • Jazz is the longest recurring character on this show with a record of 44 episodes.

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