The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 19

It Had To Be You

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 1991 on NBC

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  • Hilarious episode where Will digs himself into deeper trouble with Jazz's bossy sister!

    This episode was plain HILARIOUS!

    I loved Jazz's sister here in this episode and I found her sudden change into her bossy attitude just priceless. This episode had me laughing again and again and again, especially when the girl (whose name I forgot) was like "Will what are you staring at" when Will Smith is staring at us in shock! That was the most priceless one but I also loved her bossy attitude when she's like "I don't wanna a fat husband who dies at 40 leaving me to raise 6 kids" She had some of the funniest lines in this episode and when, at the end of this episode, Jazz, Carlton and Will all go, I loved exactly how moronically Carlton stood up to her.

    He was just plain hilarious in this episode. I loved how he actually ends up getting the girl instead of getting killed but when Will tries to do it, he gets rejected!

    This episode was hilarious and I hope for more of Jazz's sister
  • Will dates Jazz's sister

    I have always enjoyed Fresh Prince episodes and this one was no exception but something was lacking in this one. Was it bad? No not all. Maybe it was because the previous two were so good and that's why this was not as good. But I still liked it. Seeing Jazz's sister act all polite and then "crazy women" (sorry if i offended you). I liked how Will and Phillp pictured what Jazz's sister looked like. I also liked seeing how Carlton handled Jazz's sister. A very small part of the start of Ashley liking boys. While not a great episode this was worth watching.
  • very funny ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince jazz wants will to take his sister out for a date and will seems to not want to and the whole family thinks she is going to be ugly but when she walkes in the house she looks really amazing and they cant seem to figure out why. and so will takes her out for a date but then will final realizes whats wrong with her she is mean as hell and is very controlling and crazy. so will gets mad at jazz for not telling him she was like that and will does not know what to do cuzz jazz is his friend so will try to get carlton to go out with her and carlton cant wait and then carlton final realizes why will did that and then carlton stands up to her at the end of the night and they think carlton is going to get killed and they kiss at the end this was very funny.
  • I don't feel like giving a summary, but requires one. This rule is stupid.

    First of all, I want to start out by saying that the main reason why I signed up to comment this thing was because all the "reviews" I had read for this episode are just summaries. But now, I see that that's actually a section that leaves open for users. Lame.

    Anyway, this has to be my favorite episode in the first season. Actually, it's the only one of the first season that I really like. Of course, everybody but Will's and Janet's acting skills were not up to par, and there were too many paused looks at the camera from Will, as both are the cases with the first 1-2 seasons. However, this one has a funny, slightly surprising twist with Janet's true colors come through. Another plus is Vivica Fox's performance. She plays the part perfectly! The same sharpness in her character is mirrored with the always witty Aunt Viv. Great episode
  • Hilarious, as usual

    Jazz wants Will to go out with his sister, whom Will thinks is just as strange as Jazz until he meets her. When he meets Janet (Janice? It's been a while since I've seen it) he thinks she's gorgeous, smart, and a perfect date. I loved how Jazz told her that Uncle Phil was a professional wrestler. During the date, Will finds out how bossy Janet can be, and finds that Jazz used him to get her off his back. In the end, they decide to set her up with Carlton by telling her how great he is. When she reacts rudely, Carlton stands up to her and gives her a politeness lecture. I loved the ending when she listened to Carlton but was still rude to Will. There were some funny comments by Will, as always.
  • It Had To Be You

    Jazz’s, um, eccentric sister is introduced in this hilarious episode which involves Will dating her, much to his eventual regret when she becomes far too serious for a first date already stating what Will can’t eat since she doesn’t what a fat husband that’ll die at 40 leaving her to raise their six kids alone.

    Carlton moronically standing up to her and giving her an anti-rudeness lecture was very entertaining especially the twist at the end, both Will and Jazz retrying Carlton’s approach and it not working as they thought, the episode ending in nothing other than the very memorable image of Jazz once again getting kicked out the door.