The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 5

It's Better to Have Loved and Lost It...

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 1993 on NBC

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  • Carlton loses it

    Carlton has always had trouble with women. This time he is successful until something happens. More on that later. I enjoyed the start of the episode when Will defends Carlton. This would not happen a few years ago. The women that Carlton met, you were lead to believe that she was really right for him. It took a few times seeing this but when Carlton asked for a kiss goodbye and she says tomorrow, but that was a memorable one. It was classic "getting together" scenes. The funniest part of the episode was Geoffrey's story. His shame story was very funny. One of my favorite parts is what didn't happened with no one besides Carlton, Will and the professor find out what Carlton did and also that Geoffrey story was just a funny story.
  • Who'da thought Carlton would lose it in this way?

    For once Carlton takes Will's advice and decides to go for Ms. Right Now instead of Ms. Right; unfortunately the consequences end up hurting him when he finds that the woman of his dreams is married and intends to keep it that way.
    We have seen Carlton's vulnerable side many times before, but to me it seems that it's the first time he's confronted with a more "adult" issue, the fact that maybe his naivety in love got the better of him, rather than the usual ones of being himself or planning out his future, those that involved input from Uncle Phil.
  • This episode is about Carlton finally losing his virginity to whom he thought was Miss Right. It ended up causing him a lot of heartache in the end.

    I like this episode because it taught its viewers a lesson. The lesson learned was that you shouldn't rush into something you are not ready for. I guess Carlton was tired of all the jokes about him being a virgin. In a way, it was Will's fault. I mean he and his friends didn't have to keep making jokes about Carlton's situation. Will convinced him that Joann was Miss Right. I guess what Carlton mistaken for love what something else. According to Joann, it was something that made her feel better since her separation from Dean Morgan. She should have told him beforehand that she wasn't as serious about it as he was. That was kind of a bad way to break it down to him. She could have told him another way. But then again he didn't have to take that big of a step with a woman he just met. I give it 5 thumbs up.
  • It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost It…

    We all knew from a previous episode that Carlton was a “German” who was anxious to lose his “accent” but Will’s advice about Miss Right Now is obviously going top blow up in Carlton’s face when he finds out he lost his virginity to Mrs Right Now, though he was a little slow on the come ons that she said on the date until she spelt it out for him.

    The ending was a nice touch with Carlton calmly getting back at Will by having him fall out of an impressive treehouse and overall, the virginity aspect is dealt with very well as things don’t always turn out the way you expect (especially with gullible Carlton Banks involved).
  • This episode starts out as Will and his friends tease Carlton about being a virgin. But then when Carlton finds Miss Right he finally loses his virginity.

    I abolutely loooove this episode because it showed the downside and emotions that go along with losing your virginity. The message is that you should wait until you are really ready. Because you may feel a certain way but the other person might not. So the point is don't try to rush into something until you are certain you are ready.