The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 24

Just Infatuation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 1991 on NBC

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  • Ashley's Birthday

    I liked this episode. It was important part for not only Ashley but Phillp and Will as well. This was the start of Ashley liking boys. It was also the start of Phillp and Will treatment of guys she brings over. What I like is that you don't know who cares for her more. As with most people who grow up those around that person have a tough time they are growing up. This was no different. I also enjoyed how G dressing up as a clown to Ashley's birthday and telling the kids to clean up after themselves. The best part may be been the ending when Ashley came home from her date. If you watch this episode watch it on DVD or on demand. I have seen this episode in syndication and they cut out a part at the end that doesn't make it seem as special. The ending while an awww moment is what makes it special. Endings like that don't happen much in this show.
  • its ashleys birthday party and she seems to have the hearts for the new boy crazy little T.

    this was a good ep . in this ep little T is the hot new teen idol and ashley likes him and its her birthday party and the family does not know what to get her so they throw her a party and they have clown over and will is danceing and ashley does not seem to like it at all so at the end of the party little T shows up thanks to hillery and ashley is speechless and she faints and little t seems to like her alot and the will and carlton and the phillp seem to think he is to old and knows how to put the moves on her so they follow them and ahsley gets upset and they find out that little t has not been on many dats and the agent was just saying that as hype . this was a good ep
  • just infatuation

    A bit of a cliched concept (although I guess you could say it is a cliche for a reason) here with Will and Carlton being the overprotective family members for Ashley, and honestly, it was not the best episode of this show. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has surprisingly not only held up 20 years later, but it is still among the funniest shows to watch on television whenever it is on, but some episodes just do not feature relevant references, and this R&B kid who was relevant at the time, but isn't now, I just can't watch this in 2010.
  • This episode is about Ashley turning 12 and Will gets famous rap star Little T to sing at her birthday party. Not only does he sing for her but he invits her out on a date.

    I absolutely looooove this episode because Tevin Campbell was so cute as a teen. Anyway Ashley liked Little T and he liked her so I guess they felt a love connection going on there. Uncle Phil wanted Will and Carlton to folow them on their date so Little T won't get any ideas. So Will and Csrlton follow them and then drills Little T on any thing that came to mind. But in the end Aunt Vivian and Hilary made them realize that might have ruined her first date. But in the end Will realizes that Ashley is growing up and she can't be the little girl she was when he first came out there.
  • Just Infatuation

    Ashley’s first date, and it’s with a celebrity – Hillary couldn’t be more proud of Ashley’s values. This episode is definitely an important moment in Ashley’s life, going on a date with Little T so when the agent lies about Little T’s romantic life and Phil takes it seriously, he does what any father would do and sends his son and nephew to spy on their date.

    There are some classic scenes in this episode such as Ashley fainting and Hillary’s reaction to Ashley’s birthday and her very slowly getting what Will was hinting obviously at.

    This is a very entertaining watch and is both funny and pivotal, a great instalment to the Fresh Prince.