The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 19

Just Say Yo

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1993 on NBC

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  • The episode was funny, but the ending was sad.

    The ending was good because Will realize that Carlton would've died because of Will's drugs (he was using them to help stay awake). After apologizing to The Banks, Philip comforts Will, who's starting to have a breakdown.
  • A very touching episode! Made me cry :'(

    In this episode, Carlton accidentally takes a drug called 'Speed' that Will unintentionally gave and ends up in hospital. What I liked about this episode, despite the fact that it took a while to get the main premise going is that this episode was very serious and emotional. You can tell clearly that Will felt guilty for the whole thing and the last scene of this episode made me cry. It was a superb episode, crafted with skill and The Fresh Prince is now a more serious show than it has ever been
  • At the Prom

    Brilliant. This episode was amazing. Will has always had potential and never seemed to unearth it. I am glad that Will was trying to do too much at once thinking he actually he can. How Will was trying to stay awake was funny until the incident. Carlton was also funny before the incident.

    Now the incident. What happened from when Carlton fell down to the end. There was some great acting by Will. Normally when something bad happens in a episode and people hug it feels fake. This time it worked. Will's acting was one of best I have seen. Believe it or not this was not the best acting he has done in this series. I love how Carlton does not rat out Will or blame him for what happened. It shows how far their relationship has grown. I also like how Will quickly tells Phillp what happened after he gave him the gift. The best part was Will's acting. Yes, I mentioned it three times, it's that good. I think this was best episode of the season and probably top 5 of the series.
  • A funny episode with a sad ending


    I have seen every single episode of this show but I don't feel like reviewing episodes of this show for some weird reason. I'm running out of things to review so I figured just go all out and review this episode. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". This episode was very funny but it also had a sad ending to it. It's interesting how sometimes the episodes of this show can have emotional endings. This proves that even sitcoms can have emotional moments/endings. Anyways, I was laughing very hard at this episodes. All of the jokes were well done. Carlton goes through Will's locker thinking that they were vitamin pills but it turned out that the pills were drugs. At the dance, Carlton becomes very hyper by dancing and all that stuff. The funniest part was definitely when Carlton is dancing crazy because of those drug pills that he took. Carlton ends up in the hospital after he passes out at the dance. The hospital scene was definitely very funny because that nurse said a lot of hilarious lines. Now this is where I get to the emotional ending. I thought the ending was very sad because Will was confessing to the whole family about Carlton taking the pills that turned out to be drugs and then Will was crying. The dramatic ending was a well done touch to this episode. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" with a very sad ending. 10/10

  • Carlton ends up in hospital after mistaking speed for vitamin pills.

    Very moving and touching episode. I cannot say this is THE thing that convinced me not to do drugs, 'cause (and don't attack me for this, people!) drugs can cause so much more than one night in a hospital. But nevertheless it was a very good episode. The last scene was very powerful, when Will broke down and actually cried (I think for the first time in the series). You could just SEE Will's guilt throughout the episode, and that also made me realize what a good actor Will Smith is. All in all an episode that is both humourous and serious, balancing it perfectly.
  • The ability to mix humour with a serious issue is the reason why this is the best episode so far in the entire series!!

    A very hilarious first part to this episode that takes a dramatic turn in the second - thanks to a pimple and too many responsibilities.

    Will learns a sobering lesson when he tries to juggle his job with his girlfriend along with school work. The trouble starts when a school friend offers him speed to stay awake which he stashes in his locker. As prom approaches, Carlton obssesses over a spot and pops the wrong pills from Will's locker, mistaking amphetamines for vitamins and winds up in hospital after some very embarassing dancing. When he recovers, Carlton promises not to tell on Will and Will promises not to do it again and that he loves his cousin. But guilty Will confesses all to Uncle Phil, who in return forces him to come clean to the rest of the clan, where Will tearfully breaks down and vows never to do it again. A very moving end scene involving the whole family that showed the extent of drug use.
  • A real tearjerker.

    I saw this episode on YouTube. By the title "Just Say Yo", I thought this would be a funny episode. But this episode actually showed what a Tearjerker Episode really is. That was a strong scene when Will confessed the pills were from his locker and Phil yelled at Will because he could have killed Carlton and Will started crying as he was apologizing. I know how he feels. You knew that an episode called "Just Say Yo" would feature a scary near-death experience? To be more serious, it should have been called "Just Say No Way", like the Full House episode about beer. Anyway, I think this episode is an example of a master tearjerker. The end before the credits was more dramatic and I was actually into this episode. 10/10.
  • carlton and will go to a dance, and carlton find pills in will's locker, which he is holding for a "friend" and carlton takes them to loosen up. he later finds out they are drugs. the whole family has a deep conversation and will starts crying!

    very very sad episode! carlton and will go to a dance, and carlton find pills in will's locker, which he is holding for a "friend" and carlton takes them to loosen up. he later finds out they are drugs. the whole family has a deep conversation and will starts crying! will appologizes and phil gets pretty mad. but just seeing will cry is so sad! i definetly cried on this episode! i want to get this episode on dvd! it's the sadest one i've ever seen!!!!!!!! i hate watching men cry. they aren't supposed to! they are supposed to comfort!
  • Just Say Yo

    This episode starts off very funny and has one of my favourite scenes with the garbage bag opening but as the episode progresses, the humour turns to emotion and is handled very well.

    The drug concept is one that may not have worked but after seeing the episode, it’s obvious that it does because you can understand everyone’s viewpoint from Carlton’s anti-drug attitude to Will accepting the drugs to Philip’s reaction to whose drugs they were.

    Overall, this episode is both funny and has a solid ending that is handled really well, making for a fine episode of the Fresh Prince.
  • Great episode that gets the point across.

    I thought this was a real good episode because it showed a side to Will we had not seen before and the episode shows the importance for not taking drugs.

    Also It was the first time i realised Will Smiths acting potential due to the last scene.

    If any one ever had any doubts about drugs or whether they should or should not take drugs then this is an episode that you should watch.

    It is both a sad but true to life episode that really opened my eyes to what drugs can do to hurt you and your family around you.
  • An important and sad episode.

    This episode gives out some good lessons to everyone who watches it. It tells a good point on how any kind of drug-drug is not the answer. The sad thing about this episode was that Will wasn't even going to take the speed pills, and that Carlton was so desperate to look for vitamins so his date wouldn't notice his pimple. He barely looked at the pills that he was taking, he just took a whole grip of them and swallowe then all. So for the people who are in situations of any stress, drugs will never be the answer.