The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 21

Love at First Fight

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1991 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Kayla Samuels is a scholarship student whose introduction to Will opens up a different world of fun and games and romance to divert her from her studies. Does she give into Will's ways or keep up with her studies?

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  • a student of Viv visits and ends up dating Will

    This was a good episode but I thought it dragged a bit. Maybe its because i am used to tv shows with multiple story lines but I thought this was lacking a bit until the end. This is a small part but at the start when you see Will and Carlton watching the tv show together. It's something you would not happen at the pilot. You see how Will influence on women. It's not just on random girls but smart ones as well. Will seems to actually enjoy the realtionship with her. The part that made this better is when you find out something new about Viv. It very surprising and something I won't tell you. You will have to watch the episode for that one.moreless
  • this was a very good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince will seems to have falling in love with a girl that is at the top of her class and gets really good grades so will takes her out and does all kinds of things and then her grades start to go down so the teachers call phillp and vivan and they try there best to convice will to stop seeing her . this was a very funny ep i thought it had alot of good moments. and then will and the girl talk it over and it ends up going bad for will and its overmoreless
  • Love at first fight

    An episode of The Fresh Prince that finally shows how Will Smith's annoying behavior can be a distraction to women instead of the show's star just being their soul mate, like they usually write him to be. It featured some serious overtones with Vivian sharing her past to the girl, but was also heavy on the comedic elements, with such jabs as Will saying, "I didn't know Aunt Viv used to clean hotel rooms. How come she never clean my room?"

    This was a good episode of The Fresh Prince, and even had a great Yo Momma! battle that you hopefully were not drinking milk during.moreless
  • Love At First Fight

    Yet another brilliantly scripted Fresh Prince episode, Love at First Fight has one disadvantage: the Shakespeare references, especially since none of the characters seem to think his plays were boring like so many people, eg/me, believe. Personally I think Shakespeare’s plays are confusing, boring and irrelevant but was forced to red it in school.

    Anyway, the episode itself was very funny especially the insult war between Kayla and Will, ending the scene in an unexpected and unbelievable and hilarious way.

    Overall, this episode is a very entertaining instalment to the Fresh Prince series as it also has Will needing to mature a little to realise what Kayla needs but neither of them want.moreless

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    • Kayla: Let me tell you something. I got four older sisters, all of them mamas before they was 18, none of them finished high school. Everybody's waiting for Kayla. I'm the last chance for the whole damn family, and you have no idea what that feels like.

      Vivian: Oh, I know what that feels like. And I know what it feels like to clean hotel rooms during the day and go to school at night, just to get the high school diploma I didn't get.

      Will: Aunt Viv, y-you dropped out of high school?

      Vivian: It's not something I'm proud of, but I did it. My whole family was counting on me too, but I couldn't handle the pressure.  So I ran off with some guy and quit school. By the time I realized I made a mistake it was too late: I was left with no education and nothing I was qualified to do. It took me years to get back. (to Kayla) And honey, if you're wondering why I fit in so well here, it's because I worked damn hard to get here, and I know I deserve it. The problem is that you don't know you deserve it.

    • Vivian: That bad grade could mean the difference between Dr. Kayla Samuels who runs a hospital, or just Kayla Samuels who cleans it.

    • Vivian: Will, if you get a bad grade, we ground you and make sure you bring your grade back up. For Kayla, if she gets a bad grade, she could lose her scholarship and there's no second chance.

    • (speaking to Carlton about women)
      Will: Age don't matter. They could be 17, 21, 33...all in the same grade.

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