The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 24

Love in an Elevator

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 08, 1995 on NBC

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  • Clip shows often frustrate me, this one less so

    I liked the story and how Carlton's and Will's relationship works. Their brotherly love is truly shown here as well and the flashbacks were great to visit. Some great moments but clip shows aren't always my type.
  • Will's bachelor party is stuck

    Not far from the wedding, Will has a bachelor party. Will has not settled the issue of who would be his best man with Jazz and Carlton thinking they are without the other one knowing. The fact that Carlton was even considered shows how far Will and Carlton have come in their realtionship. Things come to a halt both literally and figuratively when Carlton and Jazz fight with each other and Will about who would be the best man. This episode had a lot of flashbacks that focused mainly on the women that Will was with. Normally an episode that has flashbacks (other then Lost) are weak but this wasn't. This also may due to the fact that I am holding this season in less regard to the previous ones. Nonetheless the scenes in the elevator were solid considering the situation. The only bad part was that you didn't get see Will bachelor party or even Lisa's party either if she had one.

    This was still a good episode to have before the wedding.
  • Jazz and Carlton are both Will's best man.But which one would it be?

    It is Will's Bachlor party.Will asked Carlton,if he wanted to be Will's Best Man.Than Carlton said "Yes" but when Will went to see Jazz,he asked Jazz,to be his best man.That is when he reached an problem an major problem.Jazz and Carlton begin to argue,that they will be Will's best man.While on the elevator.They are stuck and have few flashback memory which is the flashback of the past episodes.I don't remembered who Will chose at the end.Once they arrive the party was over and than they get suck again.